Ulitimate Blog Challenge – Blogging Suicide??

Ultimate Blog Challenge
This month I have decided to embrace my blog and venture into the world of the ‘Ultimate Blog Challenge‘ to write 31 posts, one for each day of January. Exciting? Or blogging suicide? I’m already wondering how I will sustain, not only topics to write about everyday but grammer, spelling, readers?? We don’t want them all jumping ship by 19 when I am writing incoherent dribble!!

I posted this challenge on Facebook and have been gladly greeted by an eclectic mix of bloggers from all manner of genre to join me in blog suicide!  My cunning plan is to also maybe pinch a blog or two   use other peoples posts for inspiration and discussion.  However as it’s January there is the opportunity to write about new year, business goals, reflection upon what we achieved in 2011, making sure your accounts are up to date for the looming January 31st deadline.  Ooo the excitement 😉

So join me in my journey – let’s see if a) I can write 31 posts and b) you can stay awake for the month!!