Quirky Business Card Idea …..

Whilst feeding baby Olive the other day a tweet popped up in the corner of my screen the joys of TweetDeck.
It said … ‘masking tape business cards‘ … er you can’t bypass that information! So I quickly checked it out.


Here is the image (please do go and check out Lovely Stationary full of lush items … makes me wish I was more artistic with the camera) and I thought WOW this is amazing.
My mind was whirling with all the amazing possibilities for usage via Charlie Moo’s – I was in my own little creative oasis. I started to google places that could print this magic tape for me and it was going to be AMAZING!

I shared in excitement my discovery with Daddy Moo who looked at me puzzled and blank.
Apparently this is nothing new.
They were doing this circa 2008 when Daddy Moo wore a suit and was miserable.

Way to burst my bubble .. I think I’m still going to get some though 😉
Do you have an unusual business card? I’d love to see!

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