You don’t have to be an avid twitter user to be aware of #hashtags.  The most widely used that you would be familiar with is the #followfriday or #ff.  This allows you to highlight people on twitter and encourgae others to follow them.  You can give a reason too …. here’s one about me from last #ff

#ff @CharlieMoos Used some of your PR tips + Prima Baby have requested samples after sending my press release! Thanks! 🙂

There are an abundance of #hastags out there but like anything thing on twitter … don’t follow too many and don’t get obsessed! I recently started one #joannedewberryrocks I wanted to see how long before I could get it trending … its just a bit of fun and will probably never catch on but I thought I’d see.  It also enables me to give you really useful information on #hashtags if I’ve actually tried!  So

I follow #journorequests and I’ve had such ace response from this, not only in increasing my PR presence but also increasing my database of contacts.  There is no reason you can’t start your own … I know that Bras4mums us the tags #pregnancy #bras whenever they tweet about maternity bras.  It can take a while to be disciplined to remember to add the #hashtags with every tweet.  But if you use certain #hashtags to represent your business customers will most certainly pick up on this.

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