The struggle is real people!
Networking, bleugh!
I hear ya! Who wants to walk into a room full of strangers and make small talk?
ME! I do! I love meeting new people, building meaningful relationships, collaborating, making sales and most of all having fun!

My book Networking A Successful Small Business will show you how to network like a ninja!

If you can tick one or more of the following, then YOU ARE READY to take more proactive steps into networking your small business successfully, finding and building your tribe, whilst increasing visibility:

You are a small business owner ready to move your business forward.
You have spent the last year in lockdown working from home, feeling lonely and isolated.
You are looking to develop meaningful relationships.
You need accountability and a cheer squad.
You want to learn new skills or develop ones you already have.
You are looking for a low-cost avenue to increase the visibility of yourself, products, services and/or brand.

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Why do you need to read Networking A Successful Small Business? 

Obviously, it’s bloody brilliant 😉

Networking A Successful Small Business will walk you through: 

Why you and your small business need to network.
How to find and prepare for networking events.
Communication and body language.
Developing and building meaningful relationships.
Networking labels: what kind of networker are you?
Networking goals and collaborations.

“I love that there’s a section on preparation – it has essential tips for anyone who feels pre-networking nerves (like me).” 
Suzannah Butcher

Filled with quotes and anecdotes from a plethora of small business owners, this book makes essential reading for anyone looking to network their way to success!

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“This isn’t a how-to book, it’s a I-did-it-and-you-can-too book!”

Robby Slaughter

Hi, I’m Joanne, multi-award-winning author and blogger, living in rural Dorset with my long-suffering partner and our 3 children (and 2 cats but I don’t really like them #notafanofpets). When I’m not writing or networking, I am partial to a bag of crisps and a crime drama.

I’ve been organising networking opportunities since 2009 when I soon realised that in order to grow my business, I needed to network but finding events to fit around 2 babies was incredibly difficult. So I started my own. One of my biggest joys and passions is using networking as a tool for collaboration, health and wellbeing, alongside business development. I love sharing and providing others with the skills and/or opportunities to be a Networking Ninja.

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Word On The Street ⤵️

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Does the idea of a networking event fill you with dread?
Or maybe you feel like it never yields the results it should?
We all know that getting ourselves out there in person is a great way to tell more people what we do, but are we approaching it with the right mindset? On the Life-Friendly Business Podcast, as part of The Visibility Series, I share my tips for successful networking and how to avoid the top 3 mistakes people make.