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Joanne Dewberry
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 by Sober Fish
Joanne is awesome. Fact

I was recommended by a friend to contact Joanne regarding monetising my blog. I didn’t expect her to give me as much information as she did .. she was incredible!! In addition, she remembered me when she saw a media request that was right up my street & resulted in my story being featured in Fabulous magazine!

Thank you so much for being so generous! I’ve recommended you to one or two blogging friends and would also love to catch up with you on one of your walks one day! Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re fab! X

 by Sandra Neild - Local Epicentre
Facebook for Dummies!

Joanne presented 'Facebook for Dummies' at The 'Local Epicentre' Coffee Lounge in West Moors. We had a full house for what was a highly informative and entertaining hour of top tips and guidance for all of us who had a Facebook account but very little clue about the nuances of ensuring privacy and safety. Joanne is an excellent presenter and a fountain of social media knowledge. She stayed around after the seminar to answer individual queries and we have 'Facebook for Business' in the diary for January. I predict another full house. Thank you Joanne.

 by Vicky Charles
So helpful and friendly!

Joanne has been so helpful to me, both with my personal blog and with my venture into self employment. She offers advice and tips, as well as answering my numerous questions on the ins and outs of running your own business.

Every one of her blog posts is full of clever hints and tips that I find really helpful and useful and she always welcomes input from others which can only serve to make her blog even more useful!

 by Donna Line

Liz has been fantastic in designing our logo together with our Champagne and Wine Lables, very professional service, always responds to emails. Liz also designed and produced our website which we are very pleased with!!!

I recommend Liz to anyone looking for a truly artistic designer! 🙂

 by Sarah Gifford
Website Design and Blog Launch

Joanne really is a social media guru. I have attended several of her talks and training sessions and have her Blogging for Business booklet. She was the natural person for me to turn to when I decided to redesign my website and launch a blog. Her services are very reasonably priced and she is always on hand to answer any questions. I will definitely use her services again in future.

 by Michelle

Joanne has been a huge help to us since the moment we met her. From helping us with blogs, sending out press releases,giving our website a good polish, tips on baffling Facebook settings and Liz's design work the list could go on and on and on. The point is she always go the extra 100 miles to help and we are EXTREMELY grateful. Even if you think you know everything you possibly could I will bet money that Joanne could still teach you something new!

 by Neil & Sarah Leonard
Design your career conference

Joanne spoke at our Design your Career conference in February 2013. Joanne gave a lively and energetic talk about her recently published book crafting a successful small business.

Joanne spoke of the importance of researching your marketing and how to use social media effectively to promote your business along with loads of practical tips she has learnt along the way.

We have received great feedback from delegates who loved Jonanne's vibrant personality and her realistic approach to business.

We our looking forward to working with Joanne on future projects.

 by Sandra Haimes

Thank goodness I have found Joanne, she is the social networking guru! I have her fabulous book Crafting a Successful Small Business and her Blogging for Business Booklet, both of which are full of invaluable and practicable advice. Joanne recently gave me 5 personalised tips for £5, in fact she gave me much more than 5, for my Facebook Page and website, all of which I did not have a clue about. Thanks Joanne for all your help.




 by Miriam Faulkner
Personal, professional, perfect!

Joanne and Liz have been invaluable in developing 'branding' of my new venture.

Liz took my idea and vaugue request and turned it into a fantastic logo - striking, clear, memorable - and a fabulous facebook banner which carries on the theme of the logo while incorporating the main areas of that the page covers.

Joanne has not only supported me directly through this process but also via her great book Crafting a Successful Small Business and booklet Blogging for Business. Joanne not only has a great deal of business sense but she can pass on her knowledge in a way that is both easy to understand and, more importantly, achivable.

I would highly recommend using Joanne and Liz - they are friendly and approachable while still being extremely professional.

Thank you both!



 by Lisa Jackson
Design Work

Joanne is fab and always ready to help out. I had some design work done which was really good and exactly what I wanted (even though I hadn't really explained what I wanted properly). Thanks again Joanne x

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