Thinking about networking to grow your small business but feeling overwhelmed?
Don’t like the idea of selling yourself or being judged?
Not sure how networking can help you?
Then you have come to the right place!

Joanne Dewberry Networking Ninja

What is a Networking Ninja?

A Networking Ninja creates a circle of influence around them to help achieve their goals. Through bold networking strategies, they effectively build quality meaningful relationships. A Networking Ninja is always ready to share information, give advice and connect people.

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Hi, I’m Joanne, multi-award-winning author and blogger, living in rural Dorset with my long-suffering partner and our 3 children (and 2 cats but I don’t really like them #notafanofpets). When I’m not writing or networking, I am partial to a bag of crisps and a crime drama.

I’ve been organising networking opportunities since 2009 when I soon realised that in order to grow my business I needed to network but finding events to fit around 2 babies was incredibly difficult. So I started my own. One of my biggest joys and passions is using networking as a tool for collaboration, health, and wellbeing, alongside business development. I love sharing and providing others with the skills and/or opportunities to be a Networking Ninja.

What is Networking?

 ✔  It helps you to build a community;
 ✔  Provides help, support, laughter, friendship, and guidance with like-minded individuals, just like YOU.
 ✔  Is something you should do every day no matter how small;
 ✔  Develops ‘critical friends’ who will challenge your thinking;
 ✔  Increases your profile and authority within your niche;
 ✔  Boosts confidence;
 ✔  Motivates and holds you accountable; and
   Moves your business forward.
 ✖️  Networking is not about selling.
 ✖️  Networking is not a dump and run.

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Networking Ninja Mission:

To share and inspire small business owners to become their own Networking Ninja.

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