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  • 5 top WordPress Plugins for adding custom fonts on your website

    5 top WordPress Plugins for adding custom fonts on your website
  • The alternative you: choosing the right influencer for your brand

    The alternative you: choosing the right influencer for your brand

#40before40 Three Years in the Making

Can you even call yourself a blogger if you don’t have a #40before40 list? In October 2017 I turned 37. It came as a little bit of a shock as I still think I’m in my 20’s. I’m not even sure I feel like an appropriate adult the majority of the time but somehow I’ve found myself a parent of 3 children, a small business owner and navigating my way through life with Daddy Moo (who I’ve spent nearly half my life with now!).  This paragraph has me ageing by the second! Oh and now I’m 39! Just one year…

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4 Top Tips on How to Make Your Book Press Pack Stand Out

Reviews. I seem to be living, dreaming and breathing reviews right now! Everything I have read suggests that reviews are really important for getting your book out there.  (*cough* a book, did you write a book Joanne? I sure did! Don’t forget to check out Networking A Successful Small Business) I feel like I’m constantly asking, reminding, pleading with people to leave a review. It’s becoming a full-time job! It’s clear that what we read can be triggered through recommendations, testimonials and the number of reviews on Amazon. Page 207 Masterclass: Write a Bestseller: How to plan, write and publish…

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The 5 Best Low-Cost Online Store Builders for Launching an Ecommerce Business Today

When it comes to starting an ecommerce business, most newbies are quick to turn to third party marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, mostly due to a lack of experience with web design or online marketing strategies. The typical costs associated with starting a business, estimated to be over £12,000 according to a Lloyds Banking Group study, is often another off putting factor for someone who is just looking to make a little extra cash. However, low-cost online store builders have made it easier than ever before for the average person to build a fully functioning, professional and high converting…

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Are Co-Working Offices the Future of the Workplace?

More and more self-employed workers are looking into co-working spaces instead of traditional idols. Why are these proving to be so popular, and could they be the future of the workplace? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this style of workplace could be the future. Quiet Places to Work:  Many co-working offices offer large and open but quiet places to work. A basic pass will get you access to the hot desk rooms, where you sit down and just start to work. Though some conversation might pass, it mainly offers you a large space where you…

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