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title pic The 5 Minute Home Office Workout

Posted by Joanne Dewberry on June 29, 2015

Regular blog readers will know that my main goal before September is to make my home office a healthier working environment.  I’m talking new chair, new lights, plants, water and bowl of fruit! A healthy environment is really important for productivity but so is exercise and movement. Sitting on a chair for 6 hours is not going to be doing anyone any good! Since I’ve been using the fitbug to see how active I am during the day I have been walking more and getting up during the day but I know I can take this a lot further.

Here’s a fab little 5 minute office workout infographic is perfect to help you with weight loss and staying active whilst working in your home office.  All the activities take a minute or less ( winning! ) and unlike the models I don’t wear a suit so I can really kick butt with my star jumps!  I like the idea of using equipment around you too.  Do you have any top workout tips whilst your working in your home office? (I’m still toying with the idea of getting a mini trampoline too!!)

5 Minute Exercise at Work   Everyman Health


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title pic 5 Corporate Event Days for Small Businesses Working From Home

Posted by Joanne Dewberry on June 26, 2015

A few months back I stayed at Walton Castle. They are diversifying into Corporate Events and have lots to offer from Team Building sessions including Archery to rooms available to hold conferences and workshops.   It got me thinking about how isolated you can be when you run a small business on your own from your home. However I network with lots of women in the same position …. so how hard would it be to organise our own corporate event day?

Not very that’s for sure! Here are 5 surefire Corporate Event Days for Small Businesses Working From Home as designed by ME!

Spa Day

Photo Credit : All Equal LTD

  1. Spa Day! There are plenty of spa day offers on Groupon, Living Social etc …. and what could be more relaxing than a day lazying by the pool, having a massage, eating lunch, chatting and making plans? Sounds perfect to me!
  2. Do some volunteer work outside. What better way to clear the cobwebs than a day outside doing some hard graft! Avon Country Park recently had Natwest Staff there helping them to build a new flowerbed.  This kind of task is a great team building exercise but also one that enables you to clear your busy brain.
  3. Get WET! How about a day at the waterpark! No kids! Just you, your small business chums and a giant blow up donut riding the rapids and attempting a fast slide or two!! Waterparks are definitely one for the inner adrenaline junkie!  (PS most have a jacuzzi area and calmer water 😉 maybe lay on sun bed with a mocktail or two! Umbrellas in drinks make everything better! )
  4. Hire a coach and go on an adventure! You could always arrange a coach trip with Masons Minibus and Coach Hire to RHS London Autumn Show or Winchester Christmas Markets, spend a day with like minded individuals, chilling, chatting, shopping!
  5. Go Kayaking! I think it might be a sign but lately I’ve seen Fore Adventure and Dorset Wildlife Trust advertising kayaking sessions.  Dorset is such a beautiful area I can’t think of anything more tranquil than cruising across the water in the sunshine.
Photo Credit Emmy's Mummy

Photo Credit Emmy’s Mummy

We all know we need to take time out from our businesses to recoup, de-stress and just be ourselves! But how many of us actually do this or find the time? Why not club together with some of your small business chums and treat yourself to a “Corporate Event Day”!


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