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title pic Summer Holiday Sanity Tips for Busy Working Mums

Posted by Joanne Dewberry on July 21, 2014

Being a busy mumpreneur / working mum can be complicated at the best of times but the summer holidays can be a logistical nightmare. For me I pretty much go into shut down for the summer and spent quality time with the Moo’s.

Be Organised
For weeks now I have been filling the calender with free events – your local library not only has the reading challenge on but you will find they are also have lots of free arts and crafts workshops on, the FA skills football sessions are 2 hours and again free.  Dorset County Council publishes a book with 30 pages of events/activities some paid and some free. I’ve booked days out with friends and a certain little lady is turning 6. So my holiday is organised already. I’ve been doing this for the past few years as I find that if I have planned activities to do the arguing that can sometimes occur from children with too much time diminishes! It also means they are much more amenable to me saying I need 30 minutes to check my emails.

You should already be thinking and implementing social medial scheduling as common practice.

If you get a rare day whereby you can do some work – maybe it’s raining and you have pitched up at soft play to utilise the free wifi, or Nanny popped by and left with the children (if you are reading this – yes please nanny!) It can be easy to try and be as proactive as possible excessive tweeting, Facebook updates and pinning like nuts to make up for days of silence. Well STOP!

  • Use scheduling facilities in order to post things consistently for a few days/weeks rather than all in one go.
  • Facebook has its on facility which gets a much higher reach and than 3rd party app.
  • For Twitter look at twuffer its free easy and no sign up needed.
  • For Google + check out the Do Share extension for Chrome users.
  • Apps like Buffer and Hootsuite can allow you to schedule updates for most platforms.
  • Schedule blog posts if you have the chance to write a couple don’t be tempted to hit publish all at the same time. Each post will get more views, interaction etc .. if you they go live over a few days/weeks.

summer hols

Most of us work from home or run our own businesses to have a flexible working environment where we can at the drop of a hat go pick a sick child up. Never miss a school assembly or sports day. We shouldn’t forget that actually the summer holiday is the best time to enjoy the fruits of our labour! We work most weekends and evenings until 3am so that we can have fun in the sun!

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title pic Tips for writing Newsletters

Posted by Joanne Dewberry on July 9, 2014

Ever since I have been in business I have spent time capturing data from customers. From like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, sign up to my newsletter etc. and I am so guilty of not using this data to my advantage.

We all know we should send out regular newsletters in order to:-

  1. Remind our customer base we are there
  2. Let our customers know about special offers, new products, events we might be at
  3. Communicate with customers who maybe don’t follow you on social media platforms

newsletters tips

But how often should we send newsletters?

I send out a monthly newsletter, and those subscribers get 24 hours notice to new products. The newsletter is quite brief – this is my new product, and these are the venues I will be selling at face-to-face, and these are my online locations – Etsy/Supermums. Heather Barber – Minety Moose

Most people agreed monthly – as it was manageable for the business but also not too overwhelming for the receivers – customers/clients.  Although Emma Collins PR suggests weekly “Weekly keeps the consumer up to date, inspired and you stay in their mind. Weekly doesn’t have to be the same content. From events, what’s hot, sale, inspiration, customer testimonial etc.“.  I don’t think personally there is a correct answer as I receive daily emails from Zulily and I’m not inclined to unsubscribe I just delete those that don’t interest me.  I think it really is a case of trial and error seeing what works best for your business.

Designing your newsletter 
As with any marketing you do your newsletter need to be consistent with your branding.  It also needs to be straight to the point no waffle. Lay it out like you would do a blog post – bullet points, headings to draw the eye around the page.  Use images to make a point and break up text, make it look pretty!

I’ve been reading a free book I picked up on Facebook “1001 ways to get more customers” which suggests using Arial 10pt or Verdana 10pt fonts never go smaller than 10pt and if you use 12pt go with Arial.  This is really interesting as I’ve never really considered the fonts I use and usually go with the default, it also indicates that actual research has been undertaken here to be so exact.

Subject titles 
We literally have seconds to capture the readers attention whereby they decide to read or delete so subject lines are really important. Cracking Media  says good subject titles include using words like “How…, What… and Why” Headlines work well whereby the content is lists “e.g. 10 tops tips for.., 101 ways to.., 5 things you should“. you could “even a little cryptic and create intrigue, e.g. “Why we need to learn to love someone else’s worm” ”

60 characters at most makes a good subject line – so be glad that you have been getting good at keeping it brief on Twitter!

So now all that is left is too … send out a newsletter! Who’s with me!? Aim to have one sent by 31st July! You in!?

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