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  • Using Multiple Income Streams to Plan for the Future

    Using Multiple Income Streams to Plan for the Future
  • Improving Your DA (Domain Authority) for Beginners

    Improving Your DA (Domain Authority) for Beginners

#40before40 Three Years in the Making

In October 2017 I turned 37. It came as a little bit of a shock as I still think I’m in my 20’s. I’m not even sure I feel like an appropriate adult the majority of the time but somehow I’ve found myself a parent of 3 children, a small business owner and navigating my way through life with Daddy Moo (who I’ve spent nearly half my life with now!).  This paragraph has me aging by the second! Oh and now I’m 38! Anyway it got me thinking about doing something just for myself. Sometimes we get so distracted by…

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Celebrating Success In Your Small Business

Do you remember last summer when there was nothing but sunshine, heat and football?! We were in Greece for some of the World Cup but we still managed to watch the matches surrounded by so many nationalities all brought together unified by the enjoyment of sport. “Sports success rightly prompts admiration, but business success triggers jealousy and anger,” Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph (2012). In other words, those behaviours we celebrate in our sporting heroes such as determination, personal discipline and a fierce competitive streak those are often associated with negative connotations in a work environment.  How often do we shout…

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The Evolution of the Office

Whether you work from home, freelance or are employed working in an office is a must. Offices provide you with a place where the magic happens. A comfortable space to work productively, sat on the sofa with your tablet isn’t going to cut it.  Through the evolution of the office we seem to be going full circle back to the beginning as even homeworkers and freelancers are going back into the office with the rise of co-working spaces. What makes an office so useful? Being around other people gets your creative juices flowing plus the interaction with others is good…

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What a Fintech Startup Can Teach Us About Customer Service

ANNA Money launched in September 2018 to bring together business banking, financial admin services and some disruptive brand fun. Here are the lessons so far. Virtual assistance will save us all :  Who has the time to do anything anymore? No wonder the virtual assistant sector is booming. Quick decisions and tasks sorted for you remotely in the background, saving time and stress – who doesn’t want that? At ANNA Money we use a combination of humans and AI to deliver our app-based admin assistant service. Sometimes this works brilliantly, sometimes things break. We’re new to the market and investing…

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