Running your Own Business is NOT EASY!

Well, it’s not for me, and not something I would recommend people jump into without considering all the options.

Some people say to me, “Ooh, it must be great being able to work when you want to and take time off with the family”. Little do they know the truth behind the swan like persona I exude!

The negatives (in my humble opinion):

  • No regular income guaranteed. Depending on how you set up your business you may borrow money, increase your mortgage, use redundancy, or savings. But what’s your GUARANTEED return?
  • No regular hours. Yes, you may be able to work around school hours, as I generally do. But, take today. No.2 son had played with my phone and managed to set an alarm for 5am – yes, 5am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I was up doing my accounts at 5.20am. I’m now, catching up on emails and trying to tick things off my list at 9.41pm. Not every day I grant you, but if you want to grow your business, sometimes you just have to put the time in
  • Who does your work when the children are ill, or your child-carer can’t help you out? Usually no-one. So, you’ve got sick children to look after, plus your business to keep going, and potentially clients to keep happy! Juggling balls is a very useful skill!

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