A Day in the Life of ….. Heather Smith REVISITED

Day in the Life of …. Heather Smith

Two years ago I wrote a ‘Day in the life’ focussing on my Second Year Anniversary of launching Musical Steps in Dorset. On reflection, although my day to day schedule hasn’t changed too much, it’s how, and why I do things that has transformed.

My week still consists of running classes in the area, driving from venue to venue, pre-school to play café, each group is different and I thrive on the challenges and delights the individual children bring. No class is the same and, working with children, they always keep me on my toes so I can never slump into complacency or auto-pilot, children are far too sharp to let me do that! Families come and go through the classes, some for just a little while and some stay with me as a constant, bringing sibling after sibling, making me feel, for those 30 or 40 minutes, an honorary member of their family.

Day in the Life of …. Heather SmithSo, into my fourth business year what have I learnt? Now both my children are at school I’m able to schedule my non-class time more effectively and have managed to give myself the odd hour for ‘me-time’. It’s quicker to write than to actually do but I decided to look start looking after myself and lost 3 stone and took up running which has given me more energy and self-belief – if I can run 5km with a tail-wind then I can do anything?!….apart from fathom Twitter of course, oh and tackle my filing regularly, and finish an annual marketing plan, or any of the key things Joanne Dewberry suggests I should be doing …. but hey, I’ve never pretended to be perfect…!

I’ve also stopped jumping feet-first into every business proposal and have realised that those parental wise words I shut my ears to all those years ago like, “learn by your mistake …. when one door closes another open …. that which does not kill us only makes us stronger.”

So I’ve not, by any stretch of the imagination reached my personal and professional potential. It’s fantastic to have my work endorsed by parents voting my classes ‘Dorset Netmum’s Favourite Pre-school Class’ – I’ve just reached a point of confident contentment with my business, losing none of my passion, dealt out in bucket-loads every day and long may it continue as I could never work for anyone else ever again, I quite like my boss…. oh, that’s me!

Join me at the ‘wonderful world of music, learning and fun’ for 0-5 year olds.

0845 643 5025 – heather.smith@musicalsteps.co.uk – www.musicalsteps.co.uk


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