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** This business may not be trading any  longer or may have changed names etc ..**

It’s hard to believe how things have changed for me in the last a couple of years, going from a self confessed technophobe with no business knowledge to a business mum running Teddies from Heaven my website based business where I find & sell replacements for teddies, soft toys & comforters that have been lost or have been loved so much they have literally fallen apart at the seams.

Mornings start early in our house, I have 2 boys Jack (9) and Harry (4) and both will be up and full of energy at 6.30am, my lovely husband Colin does the breakfast and packed lunches giving me time to check my emails and do some admin before it’s time for Colin to go to work and for me to get the boys to school, I’m really lucky that the boys school is at the end of the road so I’m back home and ready to start work by 9.00am.

Every day I try to write a ‘to do‘ list, it helps me stay focussed and prioritise everything that needs to be done, from sorting new stock items to updating my Facebook fan page, no two days are ever the same

When it gets to Lunchtime I always try and take some ‘me‘ time, if it’s sunny I take the dog for a walk and if it’s wet (which it often is in the Welsh valleys) I hit the wii fit for a bit of hula hooping or a quick snowball fight!

The afternoon is spent parcelling items for the post office and catching up on emails before collecting the boys from school and put my Mum ‘hat‘ back on, when the boys are in bed I finish the day by catching up on admin.

I work twice as hard now than when I ‘went out‘ to work but I love it, teddies & comforters mean so much to some children and they can be devastated at their loss, knowing I can do a little bit to make them happy again is a great feeling and worth every minute of work it takes.

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