A Day in the Life of ….. Lisa Warner

About My Business –
Fink Cards get people talking. We produce a range of conversation cards for Families, Organisations and Education. Fink Cards are fun, interactive games that help us build relationships – they help children become confident communicators too!

About My Family –
I am the mum to 4 children aged 15 -21 and grandparent to one beautiful, gorgeous grandson.

A typical day –
Life has changed a lot in the last few years, not only did I launch Fink Cards (which comes from my love of conversation and families) but I have seen my four children grew up and become adults– our youngest child is set to leave school in just a few months bringing to a close what seemed like a lifetime of school uniform, school runs and packed lunches.

The day starts just before 7.00am; I roll out of bed and head straight to the local swimming pool. It is only a 15 minute walk away and I make it easily on time for when it opens at 7.15. I love this time in the morning, both the walk to the pool and the swim is indulgent ‘me’ time. I am out of the pool, changed and ready for work by 8.15 when I am picked up by my husband Glenn. We share a lovely rural office about 15 minutes drive from home. I have breakfast when I reach the office.

A couple of months ago I changed the way I work – I used to check my emails first thing in the morning but often found I got caught up responding to things and by lunch time had achieved little or no progress. Now, I write down my 3 most important tasks for that day and do not check emails until 11am, this gives me a good couple of hours to crack on with some work. Fink releases approximately 4 products a year so we are always either designing, writing, launching or promoting a new product, this includes checking artwork proofs, organising photo shoots and creating new marketing material. The work is varied but I love it, I get so excited each time we launch a new product – the Mums edition we are working on now is going to help families create some wonderful conversations.
I stop for lunch around 1.30pm and sit and eat with Glenn, it is one of the best things about working in the same office!

After lunch I make sure all the orders are packed and ready for the postman to pick up at 4pm as the time flies by so quickly. I concentrate mainly of sales in the afternoon, contacting stockists and building new relationships that will help us get Fink Cards to a wider audience.

I leave the office by 6, it is usually about 7.30 by the time we have eaten dinner. I am not a great lover of TV (apart from One Born Every Minute on Channel 4) as I got out of the habit of watching a couple of years ago, so I like to go out most nights – sometimes to the health suite at the local leisure centre for a sauna, or sometimes down the pub or even to a local comedy club with friends – either way, it is great to get out and not save going out till the weekends.

Life is certainly busy; it is full on and sometimes a little hectic but I have to admit I am having the most amazing time. I celebrated a milestone birthday last year and I am starting to believe what they say – Life really does begin at 40!
Find out more about Fink Cards at www.finkcards.com

Stuck for a different, unusual and interesting Mother’s Day gift this year? Fink Cards has the perfect solution – our Mums edition will be available soon and aims to encourage meaningful, effective communication between Mum and child, whatever your ages! Priced at just £5.99, the Mums edition gives the opportunity to really get to know your Mum and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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