Networking A Successful Small Business



If you have ever thought about networking or even given it a try, you’ll know that it can feel overwhelming. Maybe it feels like you must sell, sell, sell? Will you be judged? I’m not good enough! My product’s not worth it! It’s all too much effort. How is it going to help? We’ve all been there. Yes, opening up to talk about your business can be scary; to walk into a room full of people or join an online conversation is, frankly, terrifying. However, the benefits of networking are worth putting the effort in. Being a confident networker helps build meaningful relationships; develops “critical friends” who will gently challenge you on your thinking; gain support and encouragement; make valuable connections; get referrals; increase your profile and authority within your niche; whilst boosting confidence are all benefits of networking. If you’re a small business owner ready to move your business forward by networking then this book has all the answers.

You will find out:
* Why your business needs to network.
* How to find and prepare for networking events.
* Communication and body language.
* Developing and building relationships.
* Networking labels, what kind of networker are you.
* Networking goals and collaborations.

Filled with quotes and anecdotes from a plethora of small business owners, this book makes essential reading for anyone looking to network their way to success!


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