How To Write About Us Page For Your Website

Hello my name is, 

Whatever reason you have a website or social media presence you NEED to write an elevator pitch. This will then become part of your networking and social media toolbox;

  • Your “About Us” / “About Me” website page.
  • Your social media bio’s – each platform has its own varying character count having a long form post (like your About Us page) provides you with key points you can use over and over to ensure consistent branding.
  • Your “Hello my name is …” for introductions at networking events 
  • Introduction posts on social media.

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Your elevator pitch provides readers/potential customers a clear understanding of;

  • What you do
  • What your small business benefits are to others
  • Your story (how you got to this point)
  • How customers can work with you


About Us Page – Is Your Story

Your About Us page is your long-form (between 600-1000 words) Hello my name is ..

PR companies and brands will immediately head to your About Us page in order to glean whether you are the right people for them to work with. So make sure you sell yourself! Don’t be British – be bold, be daring, tell everyone what makes you rock!

Joanne Dewberry

10 Things To Include in Your About Us Page

  1. Basic Information: Who are you? Where you live, who with, how many children – if any, pets, occupation.
  2. What makes you special?
  3. Mission Statements: Your brand ethos, values and mission statement should all form part of your About Us page.
  4. What Do You Do: What is the actual purpose of your website/blog.
  5. “Tell your Why! People buy people so they are by nature nosey!” Amanda from Your Executive Secretary
  6. Contact Information: Where can potential customers find you on social media but also how can they contact you, via email? Telephone?
  7. Your Face! People will want to know who you are, a logo here won’t cut it. Remember we are developing our branding and building our know, like and trust. We people like us and get to know us they start to trust us and spend their money with us. Your face is a great way to be more real and honest.
  8. Review On A Regular Basis: “There is no point whatsoever in writing yourself a lovely About page, publishing it, and then just never looking at it again. You need to regularly review your page and check whether all the information in it is still correct and relevant.”Vicky from Single Mother’s Ahoy!
  9. Awards: Include any awards you may have been nominated, shortlisted or won
  10. Any Useful Information:  If you write for other blogs, businesses or publications. Are involved in other things – networking events, training or teaching.

Joanne Dewberry and family

What information do you like to read about in an “about us” page? If I missed anything please do feel free to comment below!

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