Day in the life of ….. Amanda Evans

I’m Amanda Evans and I am the creator of Elizabeth Avenue, a new children’s animation and collection of stories about dogs and cats and what they really get up to behind their owners’ backs.

They all live on Elizabeth Avenue, which is a real street in London that l used to live on. I came up with the concept for Elizabeth Avenue around three years ago and since then have focused entirely on turning my dream into reality.

Now, Elizabeth Avenue exists as a short animation and l have also written several stories.

Some of the characters in Elizabeth Avenue are based on my own pets and my alarm in the morning is two Cocker Spaniels called Ozzy and Freddie – who feature in my stories – who jump on my bed nagging me to get up and let them out and get them some food!

We have a real routine in the morning which they know off by heart – if they don’t get their chews after breakfast don’t I know it!

After the morning rush l then normally go for a run, l really like running as it keeps my mind clear, and l’ve just run the London Marathon. I used to play tennis professionally and so being active and getting outdoors is really important to me.

Freddie sometimes comes with he as he has so much energy, while Ozzy prefers to chill out on the sofa watching BBC Breakfast.

Once showered and dressed I start to work on different story ideas for Elizabeth Avenue, which have usually come from the walk the day before where Freddie at some point would have got himself into trouble.

I have ideas for different stories all the time and write them all down as soon as possible so l don’t forget them.

Once I have caught up on emails it’s then time to take the boys for another walk; living in north London I normally take them to Hampstead Heath, which is very dog-friendly and they love it, especially Freddie when he finds the doggie swimming area, which is carnage with all the other dogs jumping in and out of the water.

The best bit is when they all shake and everyone standing there gets covered in muddy water.

Hampstead Heath is great; it’s helped me develop stories for Elizabeth Avenue as l meet new characters all the time.

Once we get home all the boys can think about is a treat and a sleep, while I get back to work for a while. As l work from home l generally have to go to central London for meetings either with the animation company l work with, the illustrator or other associates that support me in taking Elizabeth Avenue to the next level.

My goal is for Elizabeth Avenue to be signed by a TV network and/or for a publisher to take up the stories and l work really hard in striving towards this goal. Things are definitely moving in the right direction and l already have ideas for more children’s animation and story concepts after Elizabeth Avenue.

If l’m at home, then at 4pm l’ll take the boys out for another walk around the block – Ozzy is reluctant to do this much preferring to watch Pointless – yes, l’m afraid they are telly addicts!

Freddie on the other had is hoping to see his girlfriend Milly who lives three doors down for a kiss and a cuddle.

When we get home it’s dinner time and the excitement in the house is ridiculous – once eaten in around two seconds flat Freddie goes upstairs and sleeps away from all the noise while Ozzy curls up on the sofa hoping not to be disturbed again.

I then make dinner and watch TV and chill, and also use this time to catch up on emails or writing.

You can find out more about Elizabeth Avenue on our website and watch the short animated story ‘Trampas Gets Stuck’

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