Can ANYONE be a writer?

I am an expert in draft writing! I am trying to make an effort to release some content from the drafts box so forgive me that this is possibly published 3 months too late! As in it’s about New Year the content is still good though ūüėČ

Whilst most “normal”¬†(I use the term¬†loosely)¬†people partied, drank¬†copious¬†amounts of¬†alcohol¬†¬†reminisced¬†on the events of 2012 I watched a film (drinking red wine, eating smarties with Daddy & Charlie Moo – who was able to “can’t sleep” for 5 hours!!) called “Julie & Julia” – I started watching it because t was about a blog.

… the film was charming and moving and an easy watch. ¬†It made blogging look easy though like this lady blogged and had 100’s of comments daily, interviews, book deals etc etc … ¬†When we all know this isn’t true in reality – well in my reality! I still do a little happy dance when I get a comment – don’t you??

In the morning (yes that is the 1st January a whole 3 months ago!) I noticed I’d written on my notepad “Can anyone be a writer?” obviously this film had got my creative¬†juices¬†flowing or it could have been the wine. ¬†I did some research. ¬†It turns out that the blog wasn’t really that interesting – it was more about Julie than the cooking. ¬†The reviews of the book on Amazon weren’t great BUT give her her dues Julie has now carved herself a successful career from writing with a second book under her belt.

pondering JoanneCan anyone be a writer?
The opportunities to have your work read are certainly more prolific than say 10-20 years ago. ¬†With e-books and self publishing being accessible to us mere mortals. ¬† I meet many people who worry about Blogging and the¬†grammar¬†and spelling side of things and then I meet people who don’t care and just write because they enjoy it. Which is how it should be.

I never set out ever to be a “writer“. I started blogging as a way of sharing my skills and knowledge with other small businesses – mainly as many of them were like me and working from home around a young family and it can be hard to get out to network.
I only wrote my book because:-

  1. I could see from my blog – readers had an interest in these areas
  2. I secured a publishing deal based on blog content – I wouldn’t have actively gone about self publishing.
  3. I’d just given birth to my 3rd child what else would I do with the long nights of feeding – 1 finger typing is surprisingly easy!
  4. I like a challenge!

If I’ve learnt anything since July 2012 it’s er … writing a book is the easy part! Selling and marketing it are a lot harder!

Do you think anyone can be a writer? Are you a¬†dabbler? Do you stress about punctuation and grammar or do you just let the content flow? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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