What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Children?

Yoga is not just something that only adults take part in each week. It can be something that helps children in understanding their body, be aware of their own breathing and become aware of mindfulness techniques. All of these and more can be seen as a benefit for children and adults alike. So, in this guide from a private nursery in London, we take a look at the benefits yoga brings to not just adults.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Children?

Boosts Self-esteem:

While for the most part yoga poses and techniques are relatively straightforward, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting that one difficult pose right and all your friends being able to see it. Children will love the practice and perfection they can get from regular yoga exercises and honing in on their skills.

Children Become Aware Of Different Parts Of The Body:

When your child is young they’re only just getting to understand the different aspects of their body aside from their limbs. It also shows your child the capabilities of their body through stretching and moving their arms, legs, stomach and back to use a range of different yoga poses and moves.

Yoga Teaches Children About Mindfulness:

A large part of yoga is showing children how to be calm and collected, using their breath to regulate their mood and to take a moment of peace and quiet. Like training your child to be mindful, it can take a little while to have your child exercise for 45 minutes to an hour without feeling distracted, but you can slowly work up the amount of time spent and work on this together.

Children Learn About Discipline And Patience:

As yoga is as much about mindfulness as it is about fitness, children are slowly working on the level of patience they can manage and how to respect others. In a large group at a yoga class, for instance, children will have to learn quickly how to remain silent as the class takes place, a great environment for them to practice their discipline and level of respect.

Improves Strength And Balance:

Above all else, yoga is a huge benefit to a child’s level of fitness, ability to balance and be flexible, as well as improving their muscle strength and performance. In the beginning stages, yoga won’t be too taxing but as you begin to learn new skills, and know your limits, you’ll find that children will begin to master their abilities and find love in learning yoga.

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