Top Tips to developing SEO for Bloggers

If you have any sort of online presence whether that be a website or blog you need to understand SEO. So what is SEO?  Search engine optimisation (SEO) looks at increasing the visibility of a website/blog in a search engines unpaid results ie. natural or organic. Basically making your content hit the first page in searches without paying.  It’s the holy grail where all bloggers/website owners desire to be.  For some bloggers/businesses this will be super easy, my Dad for example restores and sells vintage Dinky Cars which is quite a niche market.  He doesn’t have many competitors and through great copy, keywords and blogging he soon hit first page for the majority of search terms. Charlie Moo’s on the other hand sells party supplies which is a saturated market. Products like our handmade fabric party bags we rank high first page for but products like our Frozen party invites I’d hate to actually know what page we are on!  This is much the same for bloggers those who have a niche and a target market will do better in SEO than those that blog about everything and have a wider target audience but one that might not be interested in every post they write.

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Bloggers/website owners don’t want to have to pay companies to do their SEO for them so learning how to be an SEO ninja is a really useful skill.  Here are 4 basic tips to get you started aimed at novice bloggers.

  • Plugins : if you are using then having a plugin is a great resource. The aim is to set a keyword and have a green light for SEO, this is achieved through using said keyword, meta tags, descriptions, outbound links and much more.  Using a plugin enables you to visually see that each post is green and therefore great for SEO this can be much harder to achieve yourself.
  • Backlinks : When a site links back to yours this is known as a backlink. Backlinks are only good if they are natural.  As a blogger you can increase your backlinks easily by 1) linking back to content you have already written. I try to link to at least one blog post.  2) Commenting on other blogs especially those using comment luv. 3) Writing cracking content which people want to share!
  • Developing a Social Media presence : social media is a great way to redirect traffic to your blog but we also looked before at how these profiles/updates can sometimes rank higher in searches than your actual blog content this is especially true of Google+.   Also your readers are more likely to RT or reshare your content from a platform.
  • Submit your site : search engines – google, yahoo, bing all have a facility for you to manually submit your site. Also look at blog directories such as Bloglovin, Teads.TV, AllTopBlogs and GlobeofBlogs to name a few.

Have you ever considered SEO training?  A private SEO course which is relevant to your own business/blog is far more effective than learning general SEO theory which can be hit and miss for some blogs.  Being aware and planning SEO development should be part of your weekly to do list.  What top tips do you have for developing or what works well for your blog in terms of SEO?


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