5 things to check before you hit publish

Do you have a mini blogging checklist to work through before you hit publish (or schedule)? Do you take time to check the preview?  Here are 5 top things to check for.

blogging checklist

  1. Is the post “neat and tidy” – sometime images might look different and need you to alter the text around them on make sure they are centered etc. Text might have shifted or be in a different font, look at the layout is it too wordy? Are images, bullet points used to break this all up?
  2. Spelling and grammar – its so worth having a quick read through again. I know I sometimes am writing so fast I miss words out!  I use Google Chrome which always underlines spelling mistakes but most platforms (wordpress/blogger) have a spell checker.
  3. Call to action – this can be anything from comments like “do you agree“, “have you had the same experience” to “Follow me on Facebook” or “share this post on Pinterest
  4. SEO – if you are using an SEO plugin have you filled in all the boxes? Are you on green or is there room for improvement? If you don’t have a plugin – have you checked that links work? Have you used your keywords? Have you backlinked to previous posts? Have you added tags? Is you content in categories? With a good title?
  5. Images – good clear, sharable images can make a huge impact upon your blog.  Are they a good size? Have you added alt tags? If they aren’t yours or free downloads have you stated the source and/or asked permission?


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