5 secrets to building a successful brand

It’s not hard to reel off a list of hugely popular and enduring brands – just think of Apple, McDonald’s and Nike, to name just a few. There’s a common recipe behind the success of many successful brands. However, even a small business can easily learn this recipe and put it to good use – you don’t need the same abundance of marketing funds as all of these big companies in order for your own business to thrive. Below are 5 secrets to putting together a powerful brand.

Colour your business successful

According to a study carried out by the Seoul International Colour Expo’s secretariat, 92.6% of people consider a brand’s visual aspects its most crucial. Colour is especially vital, as we have come to associate specific colours with specific emotions. Just think of the use of red and yellow in McDonald’s branding, which respectively invoke the feelings of hunger and happiness. Carefully consider what particular colours your brand would especially suit.

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Build the right persona on social media

Your business probably already has its own pages on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google+; however, you might still be underestimating how much brand power you could leverage from these services. Your target customers are likely especially receptive and relaxed on social media, where your business should adopt a distinctive but consistent tone of voice. Imagining what your brand would be like as a person could really help you with developing that tone of voice.

Craft an image of great accessibility

Think about who you would like to attract to your business, and then work to communicate a strong message of accessibility to those target customers. Pepsi did this effectively during the Great Depression, when it promoted itself as refreshing but still priced conveniently for ordinary people. Your company can even perpetuate an image of accessibility at live events. For example, promotional staff hired from an agency like Kru Live can project a natural warmth and friendliness.

Inject the right personality into your brand

In a sense, this ties in with what we’ve just said about presenting the business as offering something accessible. However, your company’s personality is more broad than that. Think of the examples of Tom Ford, a fashion brand very much aimed at the “man’s man”, or Innocent Drinks, which has continued to emphasise the homemade and natural qualities of its beverages for over a decade. Basically, make sure that your company publicly stands for something specific but attractive.

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Subvert your brand… but strictly on your terms!

We’ve mentioned a lot about ensuring a strong consistency in your brand. However, occasionally subverting that brand once its image has become firmly established can pay surprising dividends. Consider how Marmite has openly played on the “love it or hate it” reputation of its yeast extract. The Guardian’s Arwa Mahdawi has pointed out how this marketing strategy has “created a way for even those who hate Marmite-the-product to interact with and love Marmite-the-brand.” However, do be careful when considering how best to subvert your brand in particular.

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