Buttons …

Buttons are really useful tools for brand awareness, PR & online promotion.

Brand awareness – you see it you instandly recognise it belongs to a certain site.

PR – are you running a conference, competition, award ceremony?? Then you need buttons … hyperlinked to your website they not only help with SEO but they are a free form of advertising. How many times have you seen ‘I’m attending …. ‘ enticing you to click and find out what thats all about?  Or like mine above ‘Featured onJoanneDewberry.co.uk‘ leaving you wondering why they were featured and who JoanneDewberry is. You will also find a lot of awards will send nomination buttons, short-listed buttons, Finalist buttons and of course the Winner button .. keeping the hype and momentum going for the awards before, during and after.

Online Promotion … using buttons in the two ways above will increase your online presence not only visually but also help with SEO and backlinks.  Online buttons can be altered to fit with seasons, special promotions, events .. the ideas are limitless.

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