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My name is Natalie and I’m the founder of Have Your Cake And Ice It. I’ll tell you a bit about me and then how I got to start my own business.

I have 2 very mischievous boys Beau and Kohl, they are 3 and 2 and keep me very much on my toes. I was lucky enough not to have to go back to work after I had my children which at the time I thought was marvellous, I could spend all my time with my children and not ever have that Sunday night Monday morning feeling for a good 5 years (until they started school)

It wasn’t until my youngest was 18months when I really stated thinking, it would be great just to have a little bit of my own money but more so to have a little bit of ME time. I discussed it with my other half and although he wasn’t keen I applied for a Christmas temp job at the local Next store. I got the job, infact they offered me a permanent position instead but it was every Saturday and every Sunday which didn’t really fit in with our family plans as my partner works away Monday – Thursday. It was certainly a great confidence booster knowing that I could go out there and get a job if I wanted but at the time it just wasn’t right for me.

Just before Christmas I had been on a morning course with a friend learning how to ice and decorate cupcakes, it was great fun and I had finally learnt how to use a piping bag and do the all-important ‘buttercream swirl’. I kept thinking about how I could have my own business and how I could incorporate cupcakes into it. The more I thought about it the more I decided that I could make cupcakes from home but I needed something else to give my business a bit of diversity which is when I came up with the idea of ‘ice your own’ parties. I thought about how much I had enjoyed learning and how I could turn that into a party either for children or for adults.

Initially Ricky (my other half) didn’t really grasp the concept of decorating cupcakes for fun, why would anyone want to do that at a hen party or children’s birthday but I carefully researched what party options there were in my local area and decided to take the plunge.

I named my business and had a logo designed for me and had my first practice party with my mum and her friends. I bought all the equipment needed and I was now the very proud owner of ‘Have Your Cake And Ice It’- Cupcakes for all occasions and ‘ice your own’ parties. 

Working from home is brilliant, most cupcakes are made in the evenings or weekends and even if I spend all day in the kitchen baking, at least I can be around to make the boys lunch, cuddle them when they cry or play with them in the garden whilst my cakes are baking.

I don’t have typical days as one week I could be really busy and the next really quiet which is great as its means every day is different. With Ricky being home just Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays it would be too much for our family to have me baking constantly whilst he was home.

My day today- 27 July 2011

I set my alarm for 0630, its not usual for me to set my alarm so early but I have 55 cupcakes to ice for a promotions company. 0630 wouldn’t be so bad had I not gone to bed at midnight as I was busy baking 55 cupcakes.

I have iced all the cakes before my youngest comes down stairs and demands his ‘nino’ which is slang for baby cino. I quickly make myself a brew and the ‘ninos’ and return back upstairs to find Beau wide awake and waiting for his morning drink. We get ready for toddlers (which amazingly is still on during the summer holidays so we have at least one childrens club to go to during the summer!)

Toddlers finishes at 11.30 but I leave at 1100 so I can get home in time to put the logos on to the cakes and wait for the company to come and collect them.

I have recently embraced the social media side of having a business so I have a quick update on facebook and tweet my latest photo of the cupcakes and then its back building duplo towers with my boys. That’s work for today, mostly done while the boys are asleep!

Tomorrow is a baking free day and then Friday I have my first wedding order. 80 cupcakes with a buttercream rose. Again I can make the cakes in the evening, ice them first thing, deliver them to the venue and be done by 1130 in the morning.

I would recommend anyone to ‘give it a go’ if they have an idea and want to start a business from home. It is a great feeling to know that you can be a great mummy and a business women and I finally have lots of things to talk about other than nappies, breastfeeding and baby poo :0)

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