Supermarket Sweep

Recently my mum was shopping at a well known supermarket that likes to smack it’s bottom ūüėČ (cough *ASDA* cough). ¬†Her shopping came to ¬£10.50 she handed over a ¬£20 note and some change¬†totalling¬†50p. ¬†The cashier then gave her a¬†receipt¬†in return.

Mum mentioned she had given him a ¬£20 note he was¬†adamant¬†she hadn’t. Finally the manager was called who told mum the policy was that they would take mum’s details and call her¬†tomorrow¬†once the till had been calculated if indeed they did owe her ¬£10 change.

Mum was suitably upset and demanded the error be resolved now.  Eventually the manager agreed to close the till down, once everything was weighed the manager handed mum her £10 note. Indeed the till was £51.47 in credit.

This story brings 2 things to light :-

  1. The poor customer service – surely if your business has made a mistake you rectify it straight away. You can’t expect the customer to wait till¬†the¬†next day?
  2. I understand that humans make errors but that ONE till after mum’s money was returned,¬†half¬†way during the day was over ¬£40 up??
Then it makes me consider again the state our high street is in.  Why are consumers more interested in spending their hard earned cash in huge supermarkets who are not interested in customers enjoying their shopping experience.  We could be supporting local small businesses who are interested in looking after their customers.
What do you think … do you enjoy seeing this??

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