5 Unique Hobbies For Children (and Mum Too!)

We should always be encouraging our children to go out and explore new and unique hobbies that they may take a liking to, and they could find their own passion in learning about new hobbies. Here are 5 you could try out with your kids, as recommended by this independent school in Yorkshire, to let them explore new ways of learning skills.

5 Unique Hobbies For Children (and Mum Too!)

1 – Skateboarding:

Something a lot of kids are actually very good at and can pick up quickly is skateboarding. There can be a lot of different elements to consider when you’re on a skateboard, but once you get the hang of it children can quickly pick up how to turn, head up ramps and navigate a skatepark with ease. If the recent Olympics are to go by, skateboarding is having its own revival and more funding is being allocated to those wishing to learn how to skateboard. You can even practice your stunts and skills with a finger board, a scaled-down replica of a skateboard that you “ride” using your fingers, rather than your feet. 

2 – Knitting or Crochet:

Both knitting and crochet have similar ways of getting into it, they just use different needles for the job. Some people prefer knitting to crochet, and some enjoy both, but it’s good to try out the two with your child to get them used to the threading motion. Once they get the hang of it, give them the challenge to make something each month or to make a gift for someone.

3 – Learning About Survival:

A lot of personal development for children comes from joining a local scouts or brownies group where they’re tested on a number of things. Survival is an area that is heavily focused on, where children get the chance to go on camping trips, practice being alone in the wild and what they’d need to do to reach safety, with the guidance of their teachers.

4 – Photography:

They do say that the world is your canvas, so why not be inspired by taking photos? Your child doesn’t need the latest equipment to get started, especially if you’re not sure if they’re fully invested in the hobby yet. But, even with a traditional film camera, your child has the chance to learn about how lighting affects a photo’s look, angling a camera and how to take the perfect shot.

5 – Scientific Experiments:

If you know your child enjoys getting stuck into science projects and has a keen eye for technology, chemical reactions and other similar areas, then you might want to look at bringing science experiments into the home. From rock tumbling to even baking a cake, there are lots of experiments your child can get stuck into something they enjoy with friends or family.

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