Sale or No Sale??

Just lately I  have witnessed a lot of small businesses conducting sales.

That’s great .. nothing wrong with that all the major retailers are having their ‘summer sale‘. Sales are a great way to clear out stock especially if your products are seasonal, or you have stock that doesn’t sell well, … but is it a sale if your business constantly offers ‘discounts‘??

25% off, 50% off, free item when you spend £X, free delivery … if your business is tweeting or Facebooking these things on a regular basis …. then that’s not a sale!

Remember your branding and how you come across to potential customers.

  • You devalue your products with continuous discounts.
  • Your potential customers will not believe your products are worth full retail price.
  • If you sell wholesale to trade … you are actually undercutting them which is bad practice.
  • “Know your worth and stick to it. Be proud of what you produce even if you brick it every time you tell some one the price!” (Laura Renton – That’s Sew Laura)
  • You will struggle to sell at full price leaving you with peaks and troughs in your sales
Sales are useful if they are used in the right way.
As usual I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Do you agree or disagree??
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