Increase Bloglovin followers in one month

On the 4th August I decided to join the Bloglovin Challenge the aim to increase your Bloglovin followers and the prize some awesome promo via Bloglovin.  Charlie Moo’s blog had 33 followers so I thought I’d sign that blog up.

Here are my top tips for increasing your followers.

  • Description : Until recently my description just said Charlie Moo’s Blog! Not exactly inspiring to possible new readers! I’ve added some information now about what I write.
  • Category : Select a category for your blog to appear in. Charlie Moo’s is currently in Family.
  • Follow blogs : You’d be surprised how many people literally followed Charlie Moo’s on the back of me following them.  However this becomes time consuming and then your feed enormous!
  • Similar blogs : There is a tab on your blog page “similar blogs”. It gives you a list of other blogs similar to yours. I followed a few of these and noted what their numbers were and had a look at their sites too see if I could determine anything that would help increase my followers.
  • Images : We all know how important they are for marketing your blog but what I didn’t realise was that Bloglovin inserts the first image on your post. In my case it was showing this

BloglovinThe widget for my social share buttons! Not exactly going to grabbing anyone attention! So my first job was to start adding the title image first.

  • Widget : Adding the Bloglovin widget to your website/blog
  • Use your connections : I put a thread up on a couple of blogger groups asking people to follow my blog. I also asked lots of questions to anyone who had more than 500 followers as to how they gained that many.
  • Twitter : I tweeted a few times using the #bloglovin hashtag and also followed a few people and let them know my link.
  • Competition Option : Many bloggers suggested adding “follow me on bloglovin” as an entry requirement worked well.
  • Call to Action : Ending a blog post, Facebook status or using the call to action facility there.
  • Time : My target was 250 followers by the end of August. Which would have been 8 per day which sounds achievable but that doesn’t take into consideration people who unfollow and if you don’t hit your daily target your soon looking at 20+ a day which is getting less easy. There is also the time factor involved in actively seeking followers.  It’s not a five minute job! You are constantly thinking of new ways and it becomes a bit of an obsession! Which isn’t helpful for your to do list!

Don’t forget you can follow your own blog too! I ended the challenge with 120 not a huge increase but new followers are still trickling in daily.

Do you use Bloglovin? Do you have any top tips to increasing your following or using the platform to grow your audience? I’d love to hear from you. And while your here don’t forget to follow Charlie Moo’s on Bloglovin! Follow

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