1 goal for 2014 – small businesses share their dreams

goalsFor some businesses (especially retail) December is manic! For some its a time to wind down this year, have a break and contemplate where 2014 is going. 6 businesses share with us one of their goals for 2014 – if you want to share your goal please do leave a comment below.

Document and define all of our processes so that growth doesn’t cause cracks in our infrastructure or weaken our customer and Angel commitment. There we go, I’ve said it now, I shall have to do it and stop avoiding! www.domestic-angels.com

Sam is right now she has posted it she has made herself accountable to everyone who is reading! No turning back now! Failure is not an option!

To have a paid tutorial in a magazine – I’ve been developing my tutorial writing skills over on my blog with some fun freebies (www.gracesfavours.blogspot.co.uk) but next year I want to get some published and start selling more complicated designs. Eek!

I am working on developing my range of sewing patterns and really want to focus my blog in 2014 towards free sewing tips and tutorials for handmade crafts especially those making toys. Hopefully there are enough hours in the day (www.oddsandsoxlets.co.uk)

Having a blog platform to show your talents whether that be tutorial writing or freelance writing in general is such an excellent resource to show potential customers/retailers/magazines. If you are thinking about starting a blog in 2014 do check out my handy booklet.

I most certainly want my amazing lampshades stocked in ‘Brick & mortar’ shops! Without a shadow of a doubt – expand my selling outlets! www.ankaralampshades.etsy.com 

Are you a retail outlet looking to stock handmade lampshades? Then do get in touch!

Lots more stockists and some more magazine features as that is really exciting! www.sarahlovellart.co.uk 

Networking online is a really great way to meet people who can either help you buy stocking your products or writing features or know of someone who can! Never under estimate the power of social media networking.

To broaden my network of commissions so that I can also produce work for animal charities to sell. Facebook.com/KatherinesPaintings

I love this idea! good Luck Katherine.

What is your main goal in 2014?


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