How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

We only have one planet, and it’s important that we look after it. Children have to learn about this concept too, which is why we have to start from a young age in making them aware of the risks and what can be done to help them become more environmentally conscious. Here are some ways you can help your child be more aware of the planet.

How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

Read Books That Talk About The Environment:

Plenty of kids’ books these days mention the environment and its growing impact on our planet. It will be a lot more prominent in their stories now than when we were younger, but it’s important to show them what has changed about the world. Simplifying the context is the best way, which will be easily found in your child’s picture books and stories.

Watch TV Shows That Talk About The Environment:

Similar in practice to storybooks, lots of different media can help children understand the environment in new ways. Learning styles vary from child to child, so there’s a lot they can pick up from visuals as opposed to reading from a book.

TV programmes can show your child the extent that our environment has changed due to global warming, as it can be a lot for them to comprehend at once. Visualising things in a different way can help your child understand concepts better than others.

Recycle Together:

Making recycling more of a game can help your child learn what pieces of rubbish can be put into different bins. Make it a rewarding aspect that your child can develop over time, as they are more likely to remember what they need to do each time. It can also make the activity a bit more fun, rather than making it a chore for children to pick up.

Another element of this will be washing the pieces of rubbish before recycling, especially things like yoghurt pots and ice cream tubs. This also teaches your child about cleanliness and duty of care.

Teach Your Child About The Planet:

From the walks outside in the wilderness, to camping along the seafront, hunting for fossils, and looking at icicles, a lot can be taught to your child about the planet. There can be a lot to learn from these small moments with your child, as they explore nature, learn about the differences in the weather, and much more. 

There’s a lot to discover just from our front doors, so encourage your child to go further and explore lots more about the wonderful world we live in. But it also shows your child just how much we need to take care of what we do have and how we can continue to look after it.

Thankfully, a lot of schools will be able to help your child become aware of the environment. This boarding school in the UK will show your child how climate change has become a huge element of our lives, which will give children the ability to broaden their horizons.

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