The Importance Of English Literature In Schools

Studying literature in school is something that has been around for a very long time. It gives children knowledge of popular novels, poetry, scripts, and short stories that were written in the past by famous authors. It allows students the space to be creative, and inquisitive and helps them improve many skills. It allows children to look at their critical thinking skills and work on them, taps into different emotions gives them a glimpse into the history of writing, and can be quite entertaining too. Here is some advice from a senior girl’s school in Northwood on the importance of English literature in schools.

The Importance Of English Literature In Schools

The Importance Of English Literature In Schools:

It helps children to work on their critical thinking skills. There are a number of different exercises in English Literature that allows students to develop their own perspective on what they learn from the content. It also tests their comprehension skills, writing skills, and dictation. English literature teachers require their students to look outside of the box when it comes to characters and plots through the dissection of each and every detail of the writing. 

Literature is one of the most entertaining subjects that can be taught. It differs to other subjects as there is no real right or wrong answer when it comes to studying it compared to subjects such as maths and science. It can be a refreshing change for students to escape into a fictional world where they can learn about their favourite characters, cultures, and ideologies whilst continuing to build on communicative and inquisitive skills. 

It helps them to understand their emotions. Oftentimes, literary stories are about romantic tragedies or horrors of the past. Nevertheless, there is a genre out there for everyone that will be enjoyable to study. The sad endings and climatic cliffhangers allow readers to feel joy and excitement all at once. This helps children to be exposed to and understand different raw emotions through the art of literature. This can be beneficial to them in real life situations to help them with conflict and problem solving. 

Finally, it gives young ones the chance to look into history. History isn’t a subject that all enjoy, but it is still important to be able to look back and understand different concepts and ideas from different times. A lot of stories are based on real life scenarios which can be motivating for children to go further in their understanding of the book by also learning about historical events.

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