A Small Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting The Italian Investor Visa

A small entrepreneur has a long and daunting road to navigate, and things are even more challenging if you plan to establish yourself overseas. Choosing the right destination is crucial as it eases your journey and enhances your chances of success. Italy is an excellent destination for foreign businesses as it has a broad market and easy regulations. Moreover, the investor visa makes immigration a breeze. You can visit www.mbersanilaw.com to know more about the process. You may have to address some additional issues as a small entrepreneur. Here is a helpful guide to getting an Italian investor visa.

A Small Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting The Italian Investor Visa

Seek Professional Assistance:

The best piece of advice is to seek professional assistance for the investor process. Since the steps sound simple, you may feel tempted to skip hiring an expert to save some money. But even a minor error or omission can land you in a fix and delay the process. It is the last thing you want to encounter because you may have to postpone your startup plans due to the delay. Hire an expert early to make the journey as smooth as possible. 

Compare Investment Alternatives:

The great thing about the Italian investor visa is that you have multiple investment alternatives for the process. You need not spend millions on immigration as it can be painful for a startup on a shoestring budget in the initial stages. But you can get in only by investing €250,000 in an innovative Italian startup. There are other alternatives as well, but you must compare and choose them according to your budget.

Arrange The Funds:

Once you find the ideal investment alternative, you must get your funding ready, although you will need it only after completing the process. But you must deposit it in a bank to get statements to validate your investment capacity. The good thing is that the funds come only after landing in Italy. You even have three months to bring in the committed amount after you obtain your residence permit. 

Check Family Immigration Options:

Starting a business is not the only consideration for a small entrepreneur moving overseas. You will probably want to bring your family along sooner than later. The investor visa route makes it easy as you do not have to deposit additional funds to obtain it for your family members. Just show that you can support them throughout your stay in Italy and have them join you for a fresh start. 

Plan For Long-Term:

Another tip that small entrepreneurs should not miss out on is to plan for the long term. Ensure readiness to hold your funds in place for a decade so that you can get a second passport with citizenship by naturalization. A decade’s stay in Italy makes you eligible for citizenship. Moreover, you can travel around the EU even as a resident. It enables you to expand your business to the markets in the region.

The cost of immigration need not be a reason to worry for a small entrepreneur, even while leveraging the investment route. You can do it easily with the Italian investor visa, as it is one of the easiest ways to move to the country and start a business here.

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