Setting Relationship Milestones With Simple And Symbolic Rings

When David and I got engaged last year I never really thought about the significance of rings as a way to celebrate relationship milestones.  But having gone from 20 years of no rings to getting 2 within a year I feel like I am probably owed a few more!
But what is the difference between certain relationship milestone rings? And when should you reviece promise rings, eternity rings or engagement rings?

Setting Relationship Milestones With Simple And Symbolic Rings:

Setting Relationship Milestones With Simple And Symbolic Rings

Promise Rings: Promise Rings are used as a symbol of love and devotion and are usually less flashy in style compared to Engagement rings, and are most commonly given as a precursor to an engagement (although this is not always the case). These rings can be worn on any finger, popularly on the ring finger or the middle finger of the left hand or the middle or fourth finger on the right hand. A promise ring is a step up from dating, but not quite at the let’s get married stage!

Engagement Rings: My engagement ring belonged to David’s Grandmother and its beautiful. I love that it belonged to someone special to us and that it’s vintage. I also love that David selected this ring, especially for me. I know of friends whose partners have used a placement ring until they can buy and choose one together.  Jeulia has an amazing collection of engagement rings, including a variety of stone shapes, carats and colours as well as various metals. I don’t usually wear gold but there is something decadent and special about having a gold engagement ring.

Wedding Rings: It is customary in Greek culture for the couple to wear their engagement ring on their left hand and wedding rings on their right, symbolising God’s word to remain faithful to us through biblical references to the Lord’s right hand. Whilst we have included some cultural references in our wedding we have decided to wear our wedding rings on our left hand. We actually made our wedding rings. It was quite a process and they are probably the most expensive pieces of silver, but we absolutely love them! We started off with a silver belt that had belonged to David’s grandmother and had part of it milled into 2 bars, then aided by a lovely silversmith friend we were able to turn these bars into rings. David opted for a textured finish which was created using a hammer and I had mine shaped around my engagement ring. We also had them stamped at the London assay office which is exciting and makes them feel like the real deal!


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Eternity Rings: Eternity rings are usually given to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship, a special wedding anniversary, or sometimes given after the birth of your first child together, so after 3 children I’m definitely owed one of these!  Traditionally your husband is supposed to give his wife a diamond eternity ring on their 60th anniversary, I’m claiming the 21 years before our wedding towards this!
Do you have any relationship milestone rings? Or do you know of any more I should be tapping David up for!

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