Come hear me Blab’in! (plus a review of the Sennheiser SC 40 Headset)

I’ve been really keen to get involved with Google Hangouts and Blab’s but have so far unsuccessfully managed to get the microphone working on my laptop! It’s so annoying as all my defaults were set but nothing was happening. Sometimes I can get away with the iPad but other times you really need to be using a PC. Which was becoming a right royal pain!  There have been so many times when watching someone’s Blab that I wanted to join in the conversation but couldn’t.  Headsets 4 Business came to the rescue and sent me the Sennheiser SC 40 (single ear) headset. This headset has a USB connection and is billed as being great for professional use in offices using Skype for Business, Microsoft and any other UC softphone platform.


The Sennheiser came in a lovely bag with very few instructions which did worry me a little as I’m no good with tech stuff! I literally plugged the USB in and held my breath. A little pop up started installing software and then disappeared. On previously unsuccessful occasions of trying to get my laptop mic to work I’d been told to change the default settings. So this is exactly what I did. On chrome I changed the settings to the Sennheiser.

I was super excited that Emma Burford from Business Rocks Women invited me to join her in a Blab and had my iPad on back up in case the headset didn’t work. Immediately upon logging into Blab it asked me to choose a device to which I choose the Sennheiser from the list and my face popped up on screen. But my heart sank when there was no sound! GAH!!! I logged on and off a few times, started to get a bit stressed and annoyed when I noticed a red flashing light on the headset. I’m not sure if this is the actual on button or what it’s technical name is BUT voila everyone could hear me!!

blab emma burford and joanne dewberry

You can view the Blab here :

So here are all the techy features of the headset :

  • Wired headset for office professionals using a UC solution
  • Using Skype for Business-MS-UC solution
  • Sennheiser Voice Clarity and noise-cancelling
  • Microphone optimize speech intelligibility
  • Optimized for communication and multimedia
  • With automatic sound enhancement profiles
  • Acoustic foam ear pads or soft leatherette
  • Covers provide immediate wearing comfort
  • Protective carry pouch – for easy storage or transport

I really liked that you can easily spin the mircophone around to use it left or right side, which is important to ensure your hair looks just perfect! The other side sits comfortably above your ear so you can still hear what’s going on around you. It’s a lightweight piece of equipment and designed with comfort in mind. You could wear this for long periods of time if your job required.

This headset from Headsets 4 Business ranges from £60-£70.  I think it’s a great piece of equipment that I can’t wait to use it again. So much so I got to use it again effortlessly on Blab with the lovely Kara Guppy (ChelseaMamma). Where will discussed  Getting Seen on Instagram inline with the upcoming new algorithm.

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