5 Places To Make A Functioning and Productive Home Office Space

Do you have a home office space? For many years my working from home routine consisted of a laptop perched on my knee or at the dining table. This doesn’t work well for;

  1. Developing a routine,
  2. Storage,
  3. Productivity

This kind of set means your laptop is continually being moved around the house, packed up and put in a pile. You lose things and productivity is at an all-time low. It really doesn’t work in the long term. Eventually, via www.Sogeshome.com we bought a desk, chair and set it up a home office space in our bedroom.5 places to make home office space

5 Places To Make A Functioning and Productive Home Office Space: 

Under the Stairs:

When we moved house 6 years ago, I was determined to have my own space whereby I could say goodbye to work and feel like my day had ended.  I soon “shotgun” the under the stairs space as my little home office and although it’s not perfect it works for me.  I’ve had to invest in more appropriate lighting to recreate more natural daylight as there are no windows. By adding mirrors and plenty of white furniture to bounce the light around. The best part of having a home office space is being able to switch off from the office/working day. Although I need to get so much better at de-cluttering and keeping the space tidy!standing desk

Spare Room:

I don’t mean just upstairs either. If you are lucky enough to get a dining table in your kitchen do you really need a formal dining room situation? My guess is no. It could easily be converted into a home office/business storage.

Sadly we don’t all have an extra room lurking around that we can turn into a home office but hopefully one of these other ideas might help.

Garden Buildings

Garden buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and many small businesses are now converting the humble garden building into offices, craft rooms, salons and training facilities.  It’s such a great idea you can easily have your garden building wired with electrics, phone lines, WiFi and plumbing so a functioning toilet and kitchen! All this means you can treat your garden building as an actual office that you leave at the end of every day. That action of shutting the doors and going home at the end of the day works wonders for your mind shift as when you work from home it can be hard to turn off.

garden buildings make perfect home offices

Loft Conversions: 

Consider using your loft space as your new office.  Loft conversions can make use of that space which in our case is a used to home all our “just in case” items! Why not utilise the space into something more meaningful and useful. In many cases, you don’t even need planning permission under permitted development. Loft rooms are often the cosiest room in the house, due to the skylights and sloping ceilings.  Renovating your loft can be a messy experience and you may find yourself overwhelmed with rubbish.

A Cupboard Office or Retro Writing Bureaus: 

There are some amazing images on Pinterest of cupboards turned into offices, such a great use of space. If you don’t have a cupboard you can covert why not look out for old school retro writing bureaus that can then be closed up and look like a piece of furniture. Megan has one of these in her room as we don’t have the space for a desk but when we were homeschooling due to Coronavirus she needed somewhere to work which was her own space.

bureau home office space

Do you work from home? I’d love to see your home office space. Why not send me a tweet @JoanneDewberry you never know I might use them in a blog post!

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