Why We Love Instagram (And You Should, Too!)

Instagram has really captured Charlie’s imagination. I let him use my app initially to see what Tim Peake was up to. Then he started checking out NASA and then just seeing what my followers were posting. I am quite happy for him to like things and if he wants to leave a comment I just ask that he ends it with “Charlie age 8“.  Lately he started asking me lots of questions about the content. Why do so many people like this photograph of nail polish? How has this person got 1,000 followers? It’s quite interesting to see how a child of 8 views visual content.  On route to swimming classes this week he asked “Why don’t we (see how he is owning Instagram! Like my hard work is a joint effort!) have 1,000 followers?”.  Now that is the £Million question! Why don’t I? Firstly I used it as a chance to do some simple maths. We calculated how many people we needed to reach 1,000 (51 at the time if you are interested) and set a target of reaching 1,000 by the end of February which would mean we needed 1-2 people a day to follow us.

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But how are we going to get 51 people to follow us on Instagram?

After a deadly silence, Megan pitched in. “We need to write some persuasive writing.”

Me : “A blog post”

Charlie : “Yes a blog post that would make people follow us on Instagram!”

Me : “But what would we write??”

Megan : “A list of reasons, like about how cool we are?!”

Me : “Can you think of an example?”

Charlie : “1. Because our mummy is the best!”

Dear Readers,

Here are 7 reasons (we tried to think of 10 but that was a bit too difficult!) why you should follow our mummy and us on Instagram.

  1. Because our Mummy is the best.
  2. We have a cat called George. He is cute. People like cats.
  3. When you like one of our photographs Charlie checks yours and likes some of them too.
  4. Olive likes playdoh and playdoh is fun.
  5. Mummy only posts happy pictures and that will make you happy.
  6. Megan likes rabbit, rabbits are cute. Our rabbit is called Daisy.
  7. Charlie is good at maths.

Thank you

Love Charlie and Megan (and Olive too!) 

Although these 7 reasons are from the mouth of babes and probably won’t help us hit that magic 1000 followers but how they reached these points is important.  I asked them to consider :

    • What photographs they like looking at
    • And why?

This is why they have mentioned cats and rabbits the kind of photographs they like.  We also talked about how the photographs made them feel, happy, sad, excited all things we as small businesses and bloggers should consider when growing and developing our own Instagram following. Give yourself time now to write a list of 7 points  (unless of course unlike my 3 you can think of 10!), use these points to plan your growth. Having said that for some people like Charlie, Megan and Olive, Instagram is about having fun and enjoying learning and looking at the world around them, their friends and being excited by people liking and commenting on their photographs.  And what makes them happy makes me happy.

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* UPDATE * We reached 1000 Instagram Followers in early February 2016! Thank you lovely, lovely people!

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