The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

Costly and time-consuming, advertising for new staff is a critical component of any business. Sifting through applications, shortlisting, interviewing swallows a considerable amount of time with no guarantee that you will have the right person at the end of the process. Working with a recruitment agency can reduce the impact of hiring new staff in the shape of key benefits for your business.

Adept at identifying talent :

In a niche area, for example, PAs, secretaries and HR personnel, and in key locations such as London, the competitive marketplace will render some extraordinary talent… IF you know where to look and IF you know what you are looking for.

As a company, you may not have hired a personal assistant before or are unsure what talent and aptitudes to look for in an HR manager, but a recruitment agency established and reputable in niche areas will.

Your opportunity is the right opportunity for someone and its likely that a recruitment agency knows who that person is.

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Attracting attention from the right people :

You’ve crafted an advert and you sit back, waiting for the applications to pour in. You may often find that candidates are applying who don’t quite fit the bill. This could be down to a job description or specification that is either not detailed enough, too detailed or come with an unattractive salary range.

A recruitment agency crafts the advert for you and by doing so, bring in the latest terminology to it. In other words, they know how to make it attractive to the right people. You’ll have an impressively long list of candidates with the skills, qualifications and qualities you need and want.

Negotiating salaries :

You have advertised and found the right person, but then comes a sticking point. What they think they should be paid and the benefits they are looking for are not what you were thinking of offering.

Benchmarking salary and benefits is another area a recruitment agency is well-versed in helping their clients with. On some occasions, the salary is too low for the person and skills a company or organisation may be looking for.

Unless you have your finger on the current trends of salaries and what skilled candidates are actively seeking from a business, then working with a recruitment agency is a beneficial move.

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Interviewing candidates :

Taking a day or longer out of your busy business week to interview candidates is a big ask for many business owners and department heads. What if you could narrow down this process, streamline it, making it more efficient and still come out with the end result that you need?

A recruitment agency can work with you to narrow down the long list of applications to a short list and conduct the interview process for you. They can also conduct background checks on candidates, request references and the like too.

There is no substitute for meeting potential candidates yourself and so a final round of interviews can be arranged with a much smaller cohort of candidates to be interviewed.

Industry insight : 

A recruitment agency will spend every day providing staffing solutions across a range of industries and sectors. From PAs in the financial sector to secretaries for technology firms, there are many niche areas and roles that a firm would need.

They can help a business to source the skills and experience in people in key roles that they need. From permanent positions to temporary roles, to staffing cover, working with a recruitment agency sees you tap into a wealth of experience.

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