A Day in the Life of Lisa Lactivist

The alarm goes off at 7 am but I am generally woken but the cat walking over my head and purring in my face. I take this to be a hint that she wants feeding. If the cat doesn’t wake me up then my 7 year old does, coming into bed and cold footing me. He has been quite cuddly lately but not in public!

The computer takes a while to warm up so I start it up and go and make T’s packed lunch and sort out breakfast. While porridge is on or toast is burning I’ll check my emails and see what the day has in store. I have about 4 different email accounts to check, I run www.lactivist.co.uk which sells slogan t-shirts, bags, badges and postcards that promote breastfeeding,  www.lactivistbling.co.uk which sells nursing necklaces and reminder bracelets, www.lactivist.net which is for news and views about breastfeeding. I also do graphic design work under the name of www.nakedwebsite.co.uk and I am trying to re-locate from inner city Bristol to the country so as you can imagine my inboxes are stuffed.

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