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I love being a busy Mum of 3 – Jake(9), Sophie(6) and Caelan(3) but sometimes you just need to have something for yourself. My husband works away during the week- so adult company is limited add school holidays and sickness into the mix and working ‘regular’ jobs are always a stumbling block! Party planning for me has a lot of pros and very little cons. It fits neatly around my children, has become my working and socialising time and more importantly I earn a good income!

I joined Jamie at Home as a Consultant in January 2010, having already had two and a half years of party plan experience previously. I wanted a new challenge, something that could still be worked around my home, family and other commitments. I was excited by the prospect of joining a relatively new business with Jamie Oliver behind it and great opportunities to be had. With the support of my family and children I knew this was something I could excel at.

I was soon out ‘partying‘ once or twice a week, selling Jamie’s gorgeous Jme homeware range with products that I love, but more importantly getting out and meeting new people- which is always a bonus when most of my days are spent playing games and building castles! I had literally been selling Jamie at Home products for just three weeks, when I was approached by another Mum who was a guest at a party- and wanted to be able to work around her home life too. I hadn’t yet thought about taking my business further- but this was definitely the boost I needed!! I signed my first Consultant within 6 weeks of joining and others soon followed. By the time I had been with the company for 6 months- I had a full team and promoted to Team Leader – I could not believe how well my business was going!!

I was privileged enough to be invited to an exclusive VIP Dinner at Jamie’s Italian, Brighton, in August – just eight months after signing up and got to meet the man himself Mr Jamie Oliver! It was a lovely way to be rewarded for doing well in a business that I really really enjoy, I’d almost forgotten it was my job! All of the people I work with are really friendly and its always a pleasure to have an excuse to meet up, particularly if we are joined by our favourite chef!!

In September my home circumstances changed, my husband started working away Monday to Friday and so the structure of my business had to change. I can no longer party on any night of the week- and need to fill my diary only on days that suit when I can work and when I can get childcare. The flexibility of this business means that I can do just that, I dictate my working life, around my family circumstances.

I still manage to run a successful business, although it has taken some adjusting on my part! We can’t always be superwoman. I love the fact that party planning especially Jamie at Home enables me to chop and change the way things run. I don’t worry about school holidays, children being poorly or just having an off day as its my diary and my rules. I work as hard as I want when I want.

Financially, Jamie at Home has helped me to clear my credit cards, pay my sons nursery fees, and this year we are planning to decorate our lounge for the first time since we moved in.

So for anyone that needs more income, something to do, a social life or just loves Jamie at Home products I would definitely recommend giving us a try!
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Melanie Snape
Senior Team Leader 28119
01258 450074

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