Ulitmate Blog Challenge – Massive Fail!

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So the aim was to write 31 posts over October and I managed to write …. 18! 18 (and 2 of them were guest posts and 1 a blog carnival!) That is a whole 13 short! I am really cross with myself – I can blame our mini break to Devon or my birthday or the Teacher’s strike day and HALF TERM as the issues but in short it was purely down to a lack of organisation AND not taking onboard my own advice. That’s probably the worst part of all not practising what I preach!

Here is what I should have done :-

  • Mind mapping : making a list of topics and ideas to write about.  Asking myself a few questions – What is topical right now? What posts are currently popular on my blog? What things have I been working with clients on? This would have given me a starting point and hopefully 31 ideas/words/themes.
  • Drafts : writing down all these 31 ideas into 31 posts – if you can write something else too – titles, random jumble of words, tag keywords, add an image anything to get the brain matter working – but also so you don’t forget when you come back to it.
  • Schedule : if you can write a couple of posts at the same time – schedule them in so that you have a few days worth of posts updating without you trying. This will save you time, give you momentum and take the pressure off trying to write a post everyday.
  • Use your audience : post questions on Facebook. Ask for case studies and quotes. This will give you something to work from.
  • Read other blogs : check out what other people in your genre are writing about – this will help to inspire you and get your juices flowing.

These 5 points are really basic and not at all hard going or difficult! I really should have easily managed 31 posts! Did you manage the Ultimate Blog Challenge? Did you find it worth while? What do you find the hardest part about keeping your blog up to date?

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