5 Reasons For An Unplugged Wedding And 5 Reason To Not

In case you missed it we are getting married in July and wowzers there is so much to think about!? Somedays my brain feels like it’s going to explode! There are so many things to think about hair and makeup trials, will I be having high quality lash extensions? Hair up or hair down? On other days I have to remind myself the plan is small and simple and much of what is overwhelming me isn’t on our plan anyway. When we started planning our wedding we knew straight away who we wanted to take our photographs as this photographer has taken many pictures of us and our family through the years. Funnily enough, though, my dad mentioned to me that a photographer these days is probably one thing you could save your money on as everyone has some kind of device in which to capture images. True fact but then I saw a post about “unplugged weddings” and well now my brain is in overdrive!

5 Reasons For An Unplugged Wedding And 5 Reason To Not

What Is An Unplugged Wedding? And 5 Reasons to Give It a Try:

An unplugged wedding ceremony is a ceremony in which the couple requests that guests put away mobile phones, cameras, and any other devices in order for them to be present in the moment of the wedding rather than viewing through a tiny camera.  Not only are cameras banned but also social media.

  1. Hired A Photographer: You spend a lot of money on a wedding photographer do you want other people sharing pictures of your ceremony before it’s even finished? Or the photographer having to negotiate around people holding up their phones?
  2. Overwhelming: Depending on the number of people you have invited, walking down the aisle and seeing them all standing there with phones can be overwhelming.
  3. Present In The Moment: We hear this buzz phrase a lot, but how in the moment are you when you are looking through your camera lens or holding your phone? I remember going to the theatre years ago with David and the lady in front of us kept filming parts of the show, you really cannot enjoy a show like that you might as well have watched it on TV.
  4. Your Choice: You can ban photography altogether or just the ceremony. The choice is entirely yours.
  5. Limit Distractions: Phones are a distraction and to be fair why would they need to be checking social media or answering emails during your wedding?

5 Reasons To Allow Mobile Phones And Cameras At Your Wedding:

  1. Different Perspective: By allowing cameras you will get so many images of your dress, the ceremony and the meal from a multitude of angles.
  2. Natural Look: Allowing guests to take photographs means you do get a few more natural shots, unposed, real life, in the moment.  Which is both beautiful (and knowing how my mother-in-law takes photographs) is quite terrifying at the same time!
  3. Instant Gratification: Allowing photographs means you can instantly see what your friends and family have shared on social media before your wedding photographer has even left the building, plus people who couldn’t come or live far away will be able to see and feel part of the experience.
  4. Photo Sharing Apps: There is a wealth of photo-sharing apps such as Wedding Photo Swap, which provides a simple solution to collecting and sharing photographs taken by your wedding guests. A live feed from your wedding day is collated enabling you to relive every moment over again and again. (Not sure if that’s a pro or con! Again the mother in laws photography skills!)
  5. Wedding Hashtags: This is an increasingly popular way to keep all your guests’ photos in one place and is easy for you to find across multiple platforms. However, it does mean their pictures are available for the world to see.

I don’t know about you but I can really see the benefit of not allowing mobile phones but at the same time does it really matter? We are having a small intimate wedding and the majority of the guests are OAPs or part of the wedding party so I don’t think they will be reaching for their phones.  But seeing the event through multiple people’s eyes also excites me.  I also like the idea of asking your friends to upload them to a website like mixbook.com where I’d be able to create a gorgeous wedding photo book.

But for now, I am off to lose myself for hours looking at the perfect bridesmaids’ dresses for my daughters, for more wedding outfit inspiration Click Here.

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