Money Transfer Apps What Are They And Why Do You Need One

Smartphones have revolutionised life.  Every day we carry around teeny tiny computers capable of doing things that as a teen I could only dream about and I now need my teen to explain to me!  Your phone has even become one of the quickest, safest and smartest ways to send money around the world. Millions of people rely on money transfer apps every day, from splitting a bill with a friend to simply sending money to their loved ones, wherever in the world they are. It blows my mind – come on hands up who remembers those money cards filled with £1 coins that your nanny used to send for your birthday?! Now you can send and receive money on your phone!

Money Transfer Apps What Are They And Why Do You Need One.

What Is a Money Transfer App?

Money transfer apps, also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) apps, allow you to transfer cash from one person to another quickly, securely and simply. So basically money is sent to your app which you then transfer from your digital wallet to where you actually want it – like a credit card or bank account. There are numerous benefits of using money transfer apps including:

  • Faster Transfers
  • Cheaper Transfers
  • Better Money Tracking and Management
  • Improved Security

But How Do You Find The Best Money Transfer Apps?

Just like most things finding the best money transfer app can be a bit tricky! Each app has a variety of features, fee structures, and user interfaces. It can become very confusing. Using a money transfer app comparison tool will not only save you time and energy (and a headache!) but also money in the long run, now who doesn’t like to save money.

Sortter’s money transfer app comparison tool analyses multiple functions and features, including fee structures, transfer speeds, withdrawal and deposit limits, and of course the level of security featured. Using comparisons and reviews to provide you with the cheapest and best money transfer app services available. helping you to find the best money transfer app now.

Not only do money transfer apps offer you the convenience of minimising costs with every transfer, but they also feature a variety of additional financial products that make it easy to manage and control your finances.

Sortter are a Finnish FinTech company that compare financial services, such as digital banks, money transfers, and investment apps just in the same way hotels or flights are compared online.

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