Passive Income. Can You Make Money While You Sleep?

What Even Is A Passive Income?

Passive Income for me is about creating something ONCE and selling it over and over (and over and over) Darren Toms Coaching LTD

Passive Income. Can You Make Money While You Sleep?
Passive Income. 7 Ways In Which You Can Make Money While You Sleep?

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Placing links or banners onto your website which when people click through and purchase products you earn a commission – in a nutshell. I use Affiliate Window which seems to house a lot of brands I like.  If you share links on social media you should always state that the links are affiliates and you should declare so on blogs too.
  2. Selling Stuff: Ever wondered how to start selling coffee online? Starting an online side hustle could be easier than you think. Plain and simple whether that be via a shop or just adding PayPal links to items you want to sell! Selling online is 24 hours a day 7 days a week, online shops never sleep.
  3. Google AdSense: I’m not an expert and I’ve been struggling to even earn a 1p per day! I feel like this is a totally foreign language to me! However, since moving an advert into the main header and using a plugin that adds Google ads to well-performing posts I have noticed an increase in earnings.
  4. Upselling: Give something away for free in order to sell services/products to your customer.  For me, my blog is my freebie and hopefully, you enjoy what you read and will come back for more of my services.
  5. Buy Me Buttons: PayPal donate, Ko-Fi or Buy Me A Coffee style button can enable readers to send you micropayments, around the price of a coffee so £3/£4 to show their appreciation for your work.
  6. E-books, Booklets and Books: You can earn money, commission or royalties via E-books, booklets and actual books. E-books consider using 3rd party apps like e-junkie or Clickbank. I use the affiliate link with Amazon to promote my book Crafting a Successful Small Business. You could use Buy Now buttons within your content. KDP print on demand enables you to print physical books but not hold stock as Amazon fulfils orders on demand. It’s a really handy cost-effective way to write and produce books. crafting a successful small business
  7. YouTube: If you are partial to a spot of video blogging then this “How to monetise YouTube” is definitely worth a look at.  Your account links to your AdSense too so payments are made in a lump sum.

What ways do you “earn a passive income” from? Have I missed any or do you have some creative outside the box suggestions? I like those kinds 🙂

*Disclosure – this blog contains affiliate links, I may earn money from any that you purchase through.

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