A day in the life of Monica of My Funny Bunny

My life is hectic, trying to juggle 2 small children, a business and a household… but hey aren’t we all?!?

Life keeps changing and I keep learning and adapting!
Our son just started primary school in January and our daughter is 20 months going on to 16 with her wants and want nots!

Generally each day starts off with the alarm at 6:45am, I get up, get dressed and get my son up and get him dressed in his school uniform. We then go downstairs and I give him his breakfast and most likely check my emails and munch on something.

At around 7:30am I get my daughter up, change & dress her and bring her down for breakfast. After they eat breakfast it’s time to get ready to leave. We get all kitted out for the cold weather, this is where I end up looking like a eskimo, as there is quite a long walk to get to school.

Once we drop off the big one at school and we come back, I let the little one “loose” to play, check my emails again and off to clear up the kitchen put some dishes and clothes to wash, etc…

Then work, work, work whilst watching out for my daughter until it gets to around 11:30am which then I make something for lunch and eat with my daughter and we chat… or rather I chat and she speaks Mylienese! After this I generally clean up a bit and then its work, work, work again.

Work of course gets interrupted for daughter time and so on but basically I squeeze working in all the cracks of the day that I can, answering email, social network updating, writing, updating website, packing orders, etc…

Me and my little one then go off to get my son from school (when I also do my visit to the post office for the post) and when we get home I give the kids some small snacks, spend some time with the kids and then….guess what?!? I cram in some more work!!

Around 4:30 I make dinner and feed the kids, after that they watch a bit of telly, my son and me sit down to read his books and work on his phonics then it’s bath, brush and bed time!

Once the kids are off to bed its time for work, work, work until hubby gets home, when he does I heat up dinner, we eat together and then we both work for a bit and then its off to some together time.

On these days, when he goes to bed I stay behind to work until my eyes cannot stay open anymore!

Luckily my husband works in patterns of 4 days on and 4 days off, so the days when he is home my day is completely different and I have a “proper” work day as he does the school runs, etc, as well as do a bit of work for My Funny Bunny. I am lucky to have a supportive husband.

So as you see every day is full of surprises and adaptations for me, but I work as hard as I possibly can and still spend time with my kids.

One day when my My Funny Bunny empire is as planned, Mwahaha…I will be able to spend even more time with my children and be able to delegate work around and be the big bad boss!! (Just joking about the bad part!!!)

I am friendly so come and say hi!

Monica x

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