How the Art of Negotiation Will Further Your Career

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that negotiation and its success is all down to luck, personality, and some sort of magic. How do you know it will work? Can you pull it off? What will it actually do?

Conquering the art of negotiation is vital when it comes to business, whether you need to negotiate with members of your team or other businesses that you are dealing with. Companies such as LDL offer targeted courses to provide information and help teach the skills of negotiation, from framing techniques to strategising.

If you still need some convincing, there is an endless list of how successful negotiation will further your career and have a positive effect on your business. Here are a few of the main benefits of negotiating successfully and how they can affect you and the business you are in.

Make Your Company Successful
You want to make a lot of sales, you want to work your way up in your company, and you want to make an impression on your boss. The better you are doing, the better the company is doing.

Make your company more money by knowing the ins and outs of how to push a sale or convince a seller to lower their targets but without forcing unrealistic or unfair expectations. With training, practise and discipline, you can learn how to make more sales, and never leave a meeting empty handed.

By successfully negotiating the conditions of a sale or deal, not only will you be able to control how much your company is paying or receiving, but you can control the circumstances under in which it happens. Being able to negotiate the terms and conditions of a deal means that your company will never miss out, allowing you to make important and informed decisions with confidence.

Build Better Relationships
The art of negotiating will help you within your company too. Learning how to compromise and make agreements with co-workers will aid you in creating a network and show the people you work with that you are a ‘people person’. Negotiating will not only help you convince people to do what you want them to, but will also add to your reputation of being a fair and approachable colleague. The fact that both of these are aspects that companies always look for in an employee who deserves to be promoted can only work in your favour.

This skill will also come in handy in the big meetings with the boss. If you think you deserve a pay rise, or want to volunteer an idea of yours, negotiating your terms in a firm but professional manner will help you plead your case. You don’t get if you don’t ask with conviction.

Please Both Yourself and Others
The best thing about mastering the art of negotiation is that you can get what you want and keep everyone else happy too. Work together to reach a compromise, or goals that you are both happy with. Ensure that you and whomever else is involved both gain something, or at least feel as though they have gained something.

Viewing your idea of negotiation as a form of creative collaboration rather than focusing on being a ‘winner’, will also help to keep the balance between yourself and those you are negotiating with. Making sure that you do not agree to something that will not profit your business, but continuing to benefit others will only prove to increase the success of you and your business.

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