How to be a networking ninja whilst juggling homeschool and a business?

Here we go again!
I don’t know about you but I have a heavy sense of deja vu!
At least this time our school have provided live lessons meaning mine are doing proper school days just from the house instead, I realise though not everyone is as lucky.

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It’s really important whether you are open for business or not to keep visible, still show up daily on social media, continue to update your customers with newsletters and mass emails, wherever possible be a Networking Ninja – keep growing and building your community.

How to be a networking ninja whilst juggling homeschool and a business?

You might be thinking right now you can’t and don’t have time to network? How can you network whilst juggling homeschool and your business? But it’s really easy to just add one networking activity every day no matter how small to continue building links and relationships with others. It could be as simple as joining in with a Twitter hour, it could be messaging one person and checking in. 

This week I had a lovely Instagram Live chat with Shona Chambers from Self Employed Club about networking.  Here are some of the key points from this chat, on how you can still network when juggling homeschool and your business.

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  • Networking is a skill: You don’t one day start a business and know how to do absolutely everything (although that would be nice!) Networking is a skill that you will learn over time, the only way to get better and more confident is to keep practicing – showing up. If you find it difficult at the start, it won’t always be that way.  Perfect your “Hello my name is” as this will make you feel more confident.  Be clear about who you are, what you do, and the message you want to convey to other members of the networking group. Talk to the networking host before the event (even if it’s online) they will know most of the group already really well and be able to introduce you to other people either beforehand via social media or during the event.  This helps with nerves and instantly starts a relationship developing.
  • Twitter Hours: With so many happening throughout the day, week, month Twitter Hours are a really great way to widen your network.  If you are looking for a quick easy way to network, especially now with the pandemic limiting face to face interaction then Twitter hours are a must, you will find them regional, national, genre-specific, ones organised just to discuss one main topic (marketing for example) Twitter Hours really are an excellent resource.
  • Facebook Groups: Most Networking Groups will have a private Facebook Group, but there are a plethora of Groups out there that are a great source of constant networking and support. Groups lead to the organic conversations that are the best for connecting and getting to know people. I run a group “The Networking Hub with Joanne Dewberry” which is a vibrant online community that delivers value in the form of accountability threads, events, all in all, a supportive community. Try out a variety of groups, they won’t all be the right fit, and if you like one recommend it to other small business friends. the networking hub free Facebook community

The importance of keeping networking on your schedule when it feels like a non-essential.

Given the current circumstances, it’s more than likely you don’t feel like networking, especially in large group situations and Zoom can be challenging with children around. This is why Twitter Hours and Facebook Groups can be a really easy networking tool to use to network when you are juggling homeschool. Allow yourself 10 minutes to an hour to join in with discussions. I promise you that the buzz you get from connecting with others will transfer over to your work, you will feel more productive and motivated. I find right now I like to make myself accountable to someone else even if this is just a tweet to anyone listening, that I will do x,y,z today.  They aren’t huge goals just tiny things to keep me going, one is usually organising my inbox so as not to be overwhelmed.

For further information, my book Networking A Successful Small Business is available on both Kindle and Paperback via Amazon. 

Instagram Live chat with Shona Chambers on IGTV Selfemployed Club

Curated by Shona Chambers  ➡ 10 Ways To Build Your Business Network

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