How to Blow Off Steam with Your Team

Teams that bond together, succeed together! Working in an office or other work environment day after day can cause stress to creep up and take over, especially close to project deadlines. That’s why it’s so important that you can all get together to blow off steam and get you back on track. Here, we’ve pulled together some ways in which you can blow off steam with your team. 


A clear first choice for blowing off steam is by throwing parties or celebrations for events throughout the year. Hiring a Christmas party venue is a perfect way to blow off steam at the end of the year to reward your staff for all their hard work. Throwing Halloween parties, office birthday parties and parties or celebrations for wins in the business is a great way to have fun and allow your employees to bond. Throwing parties for your employees shows how much you appreciate them and allows everyone to relax and let their hair down. Knowing that you’re generous with parties is also a great incentive for your staff to be productive at work as they know they will be getting a reward. 

How to Blow Off Steam with Your Team

Breaking off from work every so often to play a game is a great way to let off steam. From nerf wars to charades, they’re fun and interactive ways to get the whole team involved to release some stress. Games help to encourage teamwork and can even boost employee morale and motivation! There are a few different ways that you can bring games into the office like setting up weekly tournaments to inspire competition, planning midday game breaks to break employees out of their rut or morning challenges to wake up your team’s brains and inspire creativity to start the day. 

Get Outside:

There are so many benefits to getting some fresh air during your workday. There’s a direct link between outdoor time and productivity with studies showing that exposure to nature sharpens your attention, strengthens your memory and relieves stress. Make time to take your team out of the office on walks or take your morning meetings outside to help blow off steam together. A change of scenery might be all you need!

Practice Mindfulness:

The workplace can be very fast-paced and stressful, and the key to coping with everything going on may just be by practising mindfulness. Mindfulness is becoming a popular practice among many people due to its ability to enhance performance, help job satisfaction and reduce stress. Although not a typical way to ‘blow off steam’, helping your team understand the importance of practising mindfulness and holding optional mindful sessions could help benefit multiple employees.

How to Blow Off Steam Working From Home:

When everyone works from a central office, it’s easy to grab a co-worker for a game, a chat or organising a team activity in the office. However, when everyone is working from different locations around the country, letting off steam together can be a little trickier. Here are some tips on blowing off steam with your remote team. 

Buddy Up:

If two or more of your employees work near each other, why not suggest buddying up for a day to co-work at a café to let off steam? Working alone in the house all day every day can be hard for anyone, so meeting up a couple of times a month can be a real stress buster. 

Online Games:

Sometimes, you just need a little fun and friendly competition in the middle of the workday to help spark creativity and get you out of your rut! You can easily dedicate a Slack channel to organising midday games for everyone to jump on a call for some playful banter to let off steam. 

End of The Day Drink:

Although you can’t simply meet up at the local pub after you’ve finished work, you can organise a Zoom call with a drink at the end of the day to have a chat about all things non-work related. It’s a great way to get to know each other out of hours and strengthen the bond between co-workers.

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