5 Freelancer Non-negotiables Which Keep Me Productive And Happy

Working from home has not only grown in popularity but it’s also become a bit of a necessity.  The driving force behind working from home are freelancers. What is a freelancer? Freelancers are self-employed individuals working independently not employed by someone else, instead, they are contracted to do a specific job or task.  I love freelancing because I get to utilise my different skills, the variety in not only what work I do but on a daily basis keeps me productive and happy. One day I could be writing the next I’m strolling through the New Forest with my small business friends.

5 Freelancer Non-negotiables Which Keep Me Productive And Happy

5 Freelancer Non-negotiables Which Keep Me Productive And Happy: 

Non-negotiables are really important not only in life but also in business. For example, my personal non-negotiable is getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted every 6 weeks because it makes me happy! One of my business non-negotiables is that I only take on projects I enjoy and meet my core values.  Here are a few of my other non-negotiables.

  1. Investing in a reliable car: Currently, David and I are sharing a vehicle and it’s not pleasant! Having a reliable car is something we take for granted but for people like me who freelance in rural areas, it’s a necessity.  Without a car, I can’t get any of the children to school and I can’t network! Two things I REALLY need!
  2. Stylish Stationery: It’s no secret I love stationery. I love the promise of a new page. I love doodling. I love stickers, but more than anything I love feeling organised and productive.  There’s nothing better mentally than ticking off all your jobs, that sense of accomplishment. I also love to use my notebooks to write down things I’m grateful for, achievements and moments I don’t want to forget. Journalling in this way is so good for your mental health and outlook on things, whilst every day isn’t good there is good in every day.  Nichola Cards Flamingo Notebooks
  3. Places for the Magic to Happen: Home office spaces are really important for productivity. As the weather got warmer I moved outside it doesn’t matter where you are but space for the magic to happen is really important. An office space puts you in that “working” mode which doesn’t happen when you are sat in front of the TV or laying on your bed. Having an office space also means you can close the door on work at the end of the day, your business is stored in one area and not in piled up every available corner.
  4. A Small Business Best Friend: As a networking ninja I talk a lot about building relationships with other small business owners, not for selling, but for friendship.  Having people in your tribe that you can talk to on a regular basis without fear or judgment is really important.  When you work for yourself the lines between work and life will always blur and sometimes you need friends who get that and where the lines blur too.  some of my best ideas and conversations have come from organic chats which just develop as you are almost thinking out loud. Do you have people in your network that you can talk to like this? That makes you feel supported? If not why not?
  5. Great Coffee: I drink a lot of coffee and I actually prefer to take my break with a coffee rather than drinking at my desk, you just don’t enjoy it enough that way.  As it’s become a daily event/highlight I’ve taken to getting really posh about my coffee break. The cafetiere has never had such a workout! I’m currently loving the Blue Coffee Box Subscription a handpicked selection of arabica gourmet coffee from 22 countries, freshly hand-roasted in the UK, and delivered in a sleek, letterbox-friendly EcoBox (all packaging can be recycled).  I’ve recently been sampling Mauricio Barbosa which is grown on a farm which sits on the periphery of the volcanic caldera – yes I’m that cool I’m drinking volcanic coffee 😉 blue coffee box
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Do you have non-negotiables in your life and/or small business? Let me know in the comments below.

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