Unexpected Vacations in Oman

Unlike other Arabian countries that often focus on the religious or historical aspects of travel, Oman is full of other opportunities. This diverse land hosts tantalizing shores, lush valleys and of course, the perfect depiction of the Arabian desert.

The culture keeps a strong focus on traditional values but takes a lot more into consideration than its neighbours. Oman isn’t trying to be the next country that is overrun with bustling, high-tech cities. Oman is a place for adventure and romance.

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Romance in Oman :

Not everyone thinks of tropical destinations as romantic; in fact, most tropical goals are excessively humid and uncomfortable. However, Muscat hosts some of the most magnificent and romantic hotels. Don’t forget though that Omani culture is still very conservative.

Take some time to stand on the balcony and overlook the coastline with your loved one. Not to mention there are endless possibilities for dining available. Nearly every cuisine in the world is possible because of Muscat’s historic spot as a port. Whether your romance was built on sushi, French cuisine or the comfort of Indian food, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

For the couple looking for a bit of adventure, staying in the Gulf of Oman opens the opportunity to scuba dive or snorkel. Oman is one of the perfect places in the world to find dolphins, eagle rays, beautiful coral reefs and sea turtles. Many people make trips to Oman purely to watch the turtle hatchlings make their way into the water. Peak season for turtle hatching falls between July and October.

Adventure in Oman :

Snorkelling and scuba diving aren’t the only chance for an opportunity in Oman. One of the most anticipated experiences of travellers involves cuisine. Oman has a unique foodie opportunity for those who dare to take it on, try camel in one of your dishes.


If you’re looking to take a step back into time, walk the Frankincense road, just North of Salalah. Down this road, you can see real frankincense trees, and read on the legend of the Magi’s gifts at the birth of Jesus.

Oman is also host to a unique form of adventure, although some find it very relaxing and that is fossil hunting. Travel to a desert camp where a guide can help you locate the best place to scavenge fossils.

Although Oman is mostly desert today throughout the millennia this bit of land has seen extravagant transformations.

Finally, if you have time to make your adventure truly once in a lifetime, you can visit the Ras al-Jinz and schedule a midnight stroll with the turtles. You can arrange for intimate encounters with over 5 different types of turtles.

Find the Arabian Vacation that Fits You Best :

It’s enticing to spend a holiday in an Arabian fantasy, but many people don’t realize the customs and rules of exactly where they’re going. While Oman is still very conservative, trying to figure out the rules won’t dictate your vacation. There are also many resorts for your trip to Oman that you can set up right after obtaining your visa. You can click here for an easy visa application.

Many people are looking for the authentic Arabian vibe, and that’s more available in Oman than it is in many other Arabian countries. The well-preserved heritage is seen at nearly every trading post and town. The development is strictly overseen so they don’t end up with towering cities that could tarnish their culture or take attention away from their history.

No matter which option you choose for your travel to Oman, you’ll find that traditional values and charms are present everywhere. Hospitality is one of the shining features of Oman that keeps travellers coming into the country. Enjoy a cup of Kahwa with dates or a plate of grilled meats to begin enjoying the Oman culture.

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