5 Reasons to Outsource to Robots in Your Small Business

It’s not unusual for me to write content about automation and outsourcing but normally when I do I’m concentrating directly on social media automation and human outsourcing, but what about robots? There are so many jobs that can be outsourced to robots from machines which package food products to Messenger BOTS which can answer all your our Facebook enquiry questions.  Once you get over the idea that outsourcing to robots is a sci-fi fantasy and that humans lose out you realise there are some many jobs that robots can do better than us, leaving us free to do the good stuff.


5 Reasons to Outsource to Robots in Your Small Business :

  • Productivity : Outsourcing menial tasks and repetitive motion jobs to robots increases productivity as well as employee happiness.  It allows employees to concentrate on the business end, they are able to talk to customers and more of them. They are free to answer queries via emails or social media, help with branding, marketing, and ultimately sell more products rather than spending all their time making them. You will get more done, robots work faster and more efficiently than employees with less room for error. Also unlike people, robots don’t need to take breaks meaning they can work longer.
  • Happiness : Robots are usually assigned to perform tasks that employees don’t particularly enjoy, leaving employees more time and energy to focus on engaging work which is less likely to cause burnout or get on their nerves. Robots don’t moan 😉
  • Employee Safety : Robots are able to perform effortlessly those dangerous jobs that can cause injury or burns to people, but also repetitive jobs that lead to strains etc. Reducing the need for people to do these jobs reduces sick days and time off, which saves your small business money as well as time.
  • Consistency : Unlike real-life employees, robots never need to divide their attention between multiple activities or are reliant on the work of other people. They are completely engaged on the task at hand. Robots never need to suddenly go home because their children are sick, or turn up late due to their car breaking down. Outsourcing to robots is typically far more reliable than human labour.
  • Perfection : Robots will always deliver perfect quality each time, every time, through precision programming. Robots, unlike people, are less likely to make mistakes, by removing the possibility of human error. Outsource to robots not only production but also a quality control system. Industrial Vision Systems provides faster, more efficient and integrated by experts, which are easy to use, practical and simple to maintain.

outsource to robots

When you outsource to robots whether this is manufacturing, processing or automating simple processes such as emails and messenger BOTS, you ultimately make and save your small business money and time.  Employees are happier and healthier, I can really see a reason why you wouldn’t outsource to robots.

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