3 ways to remember your password

There are so many platforms that we log into daily, from email to social media, from online banking to even the software we use to keep our social media up to date. It truly is never ending. There is nothing worse than forgetting your password, spending 10 minutes fiddling about and then having to set up a new one. Then being told you can’t use the new one because it’s well the old one. This happens to me on a daily basis. It drives me nuts! It certainly isn’t conductive to a productive morning when you spend all your time battling with passwords.

So just how can you remember your passwords? : 

  1. Have the same password for EVERYTHING : Whilst this is ultimately a hackers dream it might seem like the easiest way to ensure you never forget them.  Instead look at using similar patterns in your passwords that will make them easy to remember like a name and DOB plus a exclamation mark or question mark.  Replace letters with numbers for example summer might become summ3r or ch33s3 for cheese. Do you remember those rhymes your teachers used to tell you at school to help with spelling? I bet you do. Big elephants are ugly = beau the begging of beautiful. I still hear myself saying this in my head now. You could use this technique to develop your own passwords. Such as “Joanne Dewberry is an amazing blogger” becomes the password JDiaab, making this far easier to remember.
  2. Write them down : Have a notebook with all your passwords in. One that preferably doesn’t leave your home and isn’t a list on your Teacherboards as you wouldn’t want anyone seeing them. Also consider using clues in your passwords ie. your Instagram password begins insta. Your Facebook – FB.
  3. Single Sign On Software :  This enables you to login to all of your platforms via one login. How amazing is that. Avatier Single Sign-On provides a quick and easy solution to the problem of multiple passwords. It enables the user a one-click access to all their applications, eliminating the dreaded hassle of multiple log-ins. Basically keeping things simpler and and stress free.  Single Sign-On increases efficiency and productivity as you are able to instantly achieve the task at hand. Instead of fighting over passwords, loosing the will to live followed by extreme anger and the need to eat cake.  Single Sign On software is compatible for computers, tablets and mobiles.

Do you have any top tips for ensuring you don’t forget your passwords?

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