Business coach or coffee mate??

When is a coach a coach ??

I’m really struggling with the whole issue of selling my services.
It’s not new issue and I’m sure there is many out there that share my pain. I think my problem steams from being new to this side of business most people know me from Charlie Moo’s and would never dream of taking my products for FREE so I wonder why people take my ‘time, resources and very useful information’ for FREE?

Is it because I write a business based useful information blog? As I give away this information for free that people assume everything else is? Am I too nice??

I meet people at least once or twice a week for business advice mostly they ask me to come along for a specific topic pre-arranged and pricing is discussed via email or at the end they say how do I pay.  But what about those meetings where they ask for ‘a chat’ no money is mentioned or exchanged hands.  Should I be saying I charge XYZ or should I be happy that people buy and coffee and are interested un me??  Then there’s the emails and friendly phone calls .. how do you know when to say no?  Daddy Moo suggested I just invoice people …. but that seems rather harsh.

Now I don’t have the income from Networking Mummies anymore I really can’t be giving my very precious time away for free.  I don’t have many hours in the day without my girls and those I do really need to consist of me earning money.  Have I made a rod off my own back .. leaving it so long before being stricter??

I would so love to hear how other people approach this.



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