Personal Planner Giveaway

Organisation is not my strong point! I’m a bit dippy! I never know where my mobile phone is. I’m the mum running into school with her child’s packed lunches at 11am as I wasn’t organised enough to make them the night before and realise my fridge was empty. I do wonder sometimes how I get out of bed in the morning let alone run a small business and care for 3 children and Daddy Moo! I NEED a diary that I carry everywhere. One with space for school information, activities, blog content (if you have deadlines for articles etc), events and meetings. Last year the lovely team at Personal Planner sent me a lovely planner for 2014 and it’s amazing!  These planners are totally customisable, from the size, shape, colour and exactly what information is inside I filled the back pages with a year to view calender and some colouring pages for Olive (they came in really handy). I used two images of the Moo’s looking at fur seals at Living Coasts – two images that I love.

The exciting part is actually putting the diary together. Now Olive is at pre-school 3 days a week and starting school in September I knew I didn’t need the colouring in pages as those days she’s home I don’t work. Therefore I went for extra lined pages for note writing. I’d also not written at all on the year to view calender instead I’d written 2015 notes on the last page of December, so I scrapped the year to view calender in favour of lined and squared pages for taking notes.

personal planner review

On the pages themselves I went for the same layout as last year I don’t like each day split into times so its just lined for my use. I choose a different colour scheme inside. Also along the bottom you have various choices, I went for a similar layout of notes and to do boxes but took away the Pre-School box as Olive isn’t doing a mix of sessions now and has a much better routine.

It remembered all my birthdays and put them in automatically for me.  For 2015 I choose 2 images from our holiday to Disneyland Paris of us as a family. I did this to remind myself why I work so hard and what great things I have paid for from it. Hopefully, 2016 will have an equally awesome holiday snap on it!  This really is a really useful diary for set up for small business owners, especially those with children as you can totally make it do what you want.

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