Donna – Little Lily Pad

My day should start with the alarm clock, if I am lucky, but usually a 5 year old minx is tapping me on my face asking if it is morning yet. My daughter loves the morning time and as we live next to a farm, if the birds are singing and the sheep are baaing, its definately morning time in her world. Our morning routine is usually a little frantic, with my need for everyone to be clean, fed and dressed with military precision, but my lovely man and daughter like to take their time and little lady seems to create mess and havoc wherever she goes! Nevertheless, we always seem to get out of the house for the school run on time …. well almost on time.

I have to admit that my Blackberry is never far from me, so I can check emails and orders for the Little Lilypad Co, plus my Phoenix Trading business and this is in addition to my “day” job as a PA. So being organised is a little bit like breathing – essential for living!!

I am extremely fortunate that I have a flexible working arrangement with my day job, which I still love, and this enables me to be there for my daughter when she needs me, my Blackberry keeps me in touch with my customers and the Little Lilypad Co and Phoenix Trading business fits around my family. I have always had a passion for finding beautiful and unusual gifts and I am now sourcing them for other people, how perfect could that be?

I do lots of events as an Independent Phoenix Trader and the gorgeous cards compliment our Little Lilypad Gifts, so you can buy your gift, card and gift wrap from one source – our customers have even asked us to wrap them up there and then for them! Finding something that I love doing, that fits around my part time job and my family has given me so much satisfaction. It has been hard work at times but with our website ready to launch, its very exciting too.

The end of the day usually finds me falling into bed, happy and exhausted. As a working mom, being tired is part of the job description but I have great support and knowing I can be there for my family is priceless.

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